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4:22 PM 24th January 2022

There Remains "No Good Economic Case For HS2", Warns IEA Analyst

The Bill for the HS2 extension to Manchester goes to Parliament today.

Commenting on the plans, Andy Mayer, Environment, Energy and Infrastructure Analyst at free market think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:
"There is no good economic case for HS2. It is troubling that ministers continue to justify the white elephant in respect of jobs created, while ignoring the jobs that will be destroyed by the increased borrowing and taxes required to pay for it. If there were a serious business case for HS2, it would not require government support, or ministerial cheerleaders.

"Cancelled services are undermining the government's decision to end working from home guidance. As Covid restrictions lift, restoring rail services – rather than pumping taxpayer's money into wasteful vanity projects – should be the government's priority."