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NASA Picture of the Day: The Helix Nebula from CFHT
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Will our Sun look like this one day? The Helix Nebula is one of brightest and closest examples of a planetary nebula, a gas cloud created at the end of the life of a Sun-like star. The outer gasses of the star expelled into space appear from our vantage point as if we are looking down a helix. The remnant central stellar core, destined to become a white dwarf star, glows in light so energetic it causes the previously expelled gas to fluoresce.
Five IT Things To Know Before Committing To A ‘New Normal’
A recent survey by YouGov found that ‘fewer than four in ten want to leave their house to go to work’. This was compounded by research from NetMotion, which uncovered statistics showing that 57.5% – of the 66% of staff that had encountered a technical issue during lockdown – didn't…
Asteroid Flybys Over the next 7 Days
NameDateMin Dia. (m)Max Dia. (m)Rel. Velocity (mph)Miss Distance (miles)
154302 (2002 UQ3)24th Nov802179435,54132,360,376
(2017 WV13)25th Nov16035871,67728,130,173
(2020 UR6)26th Nov18842127,73614,682,437
(2020 WP1)26th Nov25056053,1775,248,434
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