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NASA Picture of the Day: Country Sky versus City Sky
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Dark skies are disappearing from the world. With modernization comes artificial lighting that brightens the night. While these lights allow modern humans to see, much light is wasted up into the sky. This light pollution not only wastes energy, but, when reflected by the Earth's atmosphere back down, creates a nighttime brightness that disrupts wildlife and harms human health, while doing very little to prevent crime.
Remote Working - What To Expect And How To Prepare
Remote working will be a very new concept for many of us, but with the Coronavirus outbreak – and the many weeks set to be spent in lockdown – it will now become the only form of working for a lot of businesses. While it’s a positive tool that can…
Asteroid Flybys Over the next 7 Days
NameDateMin Dia. (m)Max Dia. (m)Rel. Velocity (mph)Miss Distance (miles)
(2005 SQ)8th Apr25356726,26118,660,939
(2020 FW4)9th Apr12026841,6544,678,097
(2020 FR1)10th Apr15735133,25822,835,194
(2018 EB)10th Apr11024737,48326,414,551
(2014 JS54)10th Apr15234254,28227,036,737
(2013 GY7)10th Apr23151733,79232,658,935
(2020 FO5)11th Apr21147261,58213,217,823
363599 (2004 FG11)11th Apr16737554,7834,573,879
(2020 FO1)11th Apr15434447,60319,592,731
(2014 JO25)12th Apr732163665,11415,033,549
(2015 FQ117)12th Apr20145071,81438,824,252
(2011 SM68)12th Apr31971440,62534,086,683
(2017 BP31)13th Apr29165133,49825,927,556
(2000 EM26)14th Apr8418722,16017,145,538
6239 Minos (1989 QF)14th Apr530118528,71729,610,691
(2014 KQ76)14th Apr12728422,93710,340,819
413989 (2007 EL88)14th Apr42194144,35211,515,012
468910 (2014 KQ76)14th Apr13329722,93710,340,856
(2020 FZ6)15th Apr14131648,6304,765,500