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3:00 AM 9th April 2022

The 10 Gardening Jobs For April

Green-fingered Brits are being offered top tips on the gardening jobs they should be doing during April.

The gardening experts at have put together the must-do gardening jobs to help get outside space ready for late Spring and Summer.

The tasks include giving the lawn some care after the chilly months, protecting tender plants from any late frosts and adding mulch to flower beds.

For those growing their own fruit and vegetables, April is the month to plant early tomatoes, plant perennials and scented plants like lavender.

Expert Chris Bonnett from said:
“The garden really starts to come to life in April with Spring blooms adding colour and interest.

“It’s also a month for some hard work to get the garden prepped and ready for the warmer weather.

“Our tips will help novice gardeners focus on what they need to do now so they can enjoy the fruits of their labour in the months to come.”

Here are April gardening jobs from

1. Repair the lawn
Winter weather can damage the lawn and April is the time to repair it. If you haven’t given the lawn its first cut, now’s the time to do it but keep the mowing height on the high side. For any bare patches, either re-turf or sow lawn seed.

2. Late frost protection
There can be the odd late frost in April, so remember to protect tender plants. This may mean wrapping them up in their winter fleece and moving (potted plants) to sunnier spots in the garden.

3. Plant chives
Try planting chives and other herbs and letting them germinate on a sunny window sill or in the greenhouse. Take care though to sow them sparingly, thinning them out if they become overcrowded.

4. Mulch borders
Mulching soil saves water, improves it, and most importantly, suppresses weeds. April is the best time to apply it, as the unpredictable weather means it traps moisture from rain but stops beds from drying out in the sun.

5. Plant tomatoes
Plant tomatoes in a sunny spot or in the greenhouse. You can start them off from seed and plant them out once they’re around 15cm tall. Do keep an eye on the conditions and introduce them to outside temperatures slowly. They thrive in warmer weather.

6. Bird feeders
Bird feeders normally take about two to four weeks to become inhabited by birds and can make a lovely feature in the garden. Get set up now for lots of summer visits from feathered friends.

7. Plant lavender
The ground is warm enough in April for new lavender plants to flourish. Starting with a healthy plant with a pre-developed root system will help as well as planting one to three feet apart depending on the variety.

8. Plant perennials
Like Lavender, April is the best time to plant perennials due to the ground being moist enough for them to flourish. Planting now should see them bloom in a few months.

9. Start spraying roses
If new leaves are starting to appear, then it’s time to spray your roses. Keep doing this throughout the summer months to avoid common rose problems.

10. Reap what you sow
Some April days can be beautiful so make sure you enjoy them. After all the hard work in the garden, sit back, relax and enjoy what you’ve achieved.