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Jack Bottomley
Media Correspondent
1:00 AM 3rd November 2023

Silver Screen Weekly - What's Coming Up At The Cinema From Friday 3 November 2023

Our film critic and media correspondent has been looking and trawling the new releases. Here's what you can see on the big screen this week.

From Friday 3rd November

The Royal Hotel (18)
Director Kitty Green’s psychological thriller sees Americans Hanna (Julia Garner) and Liz (Jessica Henwick) backpacking in Australia, where they take a temporary live-in job at an outback mining town, where things begin to grow uneasy and soon rapidly escalate out of control. A paranoid and unnerving excise in suspense, Green’s film features terrific performances and is a breakout work of nerve-testing escalating tension. Co-starring Hugo Weaving.

Other releases:
Fingernails (15) (Sci-fi romance that sees a woman take a job that tests romantic compatibility and falls for her colleague.) - Friday 3rd November
Rustin (15) (Biographical drama that sees a gay civil rights activist handling a march on Washington.) - Friday 3rd November
Dance First (12a) (Biographical drama about Irish novelist and dramatist Samuel Beckett.) - Friday 3rd November
Bottoms (15) (High school buddy comedy about a group of friends on a mission to lose their virginities who inadvertently start an all girl fight club.) - Friday 3rd November
Pressure (15) (4K Restoration re-release of Horace Ové’s 1976 social drama.) - Friday 3rd November
On The Adamant (PG) (French documentary that takes us into the lives of caregivers and patients of a floating psychiatric centre on the River Seine in Paris.) - Friday 3rd November
Stolen (12a) (Harrowing but vital documentary exploring the mother and baby institution scandal across Ireland.) - Friday 3rd November
How To Have Sex (15) (Drama about three British teenagers in Crete for a wild party-filled summer.) - Friday 3rd November
I Am Urban (15) (Drama about a former social worker who becomes an unlikely saviour to a group of out of control kids.) - Friday 3rd November
The Undertaker (15) (British crime/thriller about an undertaker who is roped into criminality when a gangster enlists him to dispose of a few bodies.) - Friday 3rd November
The Bystanders (15) (British sci-fi comedy about a man who finds meaning in life when he is charged with helping others, despite being invisible to them.) - Friday 3rd November
Nobody Has To Know (12a) (UK drama about a man with memory loss being cared for by a woman who claims they were once romantically involved.) - Friday 3rd November
Tiger 3 (TBC) (Indian action/thriller, which is the the fifth instalment in the YRF Spy Universe, as Tiger hunts to clear his name.) - Friday 3rd November
It Remains (18) (Hong Kong horror about a group of friends trapped on an island that holds a terrible secret.) - Friday 3rd November
Don Quixote London 2023 (12a) (Royal Opera House’s new London filmed stage production based on Miguel de Cervantes’ enduring novel.) - Tuesday 7th November
Pete Doherty: Stranger In My Own Skin (15) (British documentary about rock star Pete Doherty and his spiralling addiction amidst his fame and peaking career.) - Thursday 9th November
Welcome To The Darkness (15) (Documentary centred on the journey and reunion of successful British rock band The Darkness.) - Thursday 9th November