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Maia Flora
Features Writer
7:47 PM 1st February 2021

Roses Are Blue: Happy Alternative Valentine's Day!

The day dedicated to love is swiftly approaching and the countdown begins to try and find suitable alternatives for your vegan partner this year. For some reason, it isn’t as easy as walking into your local supermarket to find these vegan Valentine’s gifts and we end up being tasked with a hunt to scroll through vegan brands online in hopes that they sell gifts that your partner can enjoy.

So, hopefully this article can help you skip over the hours of looking and you can be inspired by some of the gifts below.

Hotel Chocolat

Everyone loves chocolate and it is an easy gift to come up with for Valentine’s Day. A chocolate shaped heart made from nutmilk is described as ‘vegan-friendly’ by Hotel Chocolat and could be a delightful gift for your vegan valentine’s receiver this year. Perfect for the chocolate lover and a definite win because, who doesn’t love chocolate?

Biscuit Boutique

When we think of biscuits, we don’t imagine luxury, but the Biscuit Boutique deliver on that front. All their products are vegan-friendly and gluten free, and they offer a variety of collections for every holiday season, including Valentine’s Day. Their Love Collection provides their signature mosaic style with love as the theme. This could be an exciting Valentine’s alternative because of the beauty and care that goes into each and every one of the biscuits.

The Goodness Project

The Goodness Project offers a variety of vegan and gluten-free hampers for Valentine’s gifts. This hamper is one of their larger hampers that has an array of vegan options such as vegan Baileys, Booja Booja truffles, Rhythm 108 Biscotti, and Vivani chocolate bar.

They offer cheaper options that can be posted through our letterboxes which are perfect during the current climate. It could be a simple but effective way of showing your Valentine’s that you’re thinking of them.

Favourite Vegan Dinner

You could skip over gifts all together and instead prepare your loved one their favourite plant-based meal or snacks. If they don’t have a specific favourite, you could try something new from a cuisine you don’t always have. Like sticky noodles with hoisin sauce which is packed full of veggies and spices.

Alena Ganzhela
Alena Ganzhela
Ratatouille could be a fun option for a Disney enthusiast, and it is full of vibrant red colours for the Valentine’s vibe.

To finish you could bake, which could be an activity you do together. Peanut butter and chocolate brownies can offer the chocolate fix that is needed on Valentine’s Day but can easily be made vegan.

There are plenty of vegan foodie suggestions that could be a perfect gift for your partner but also there is no pressure to make the day extremely special and out of this world, especially with the current situation we’re all facing.

However, a small act of kindness and love to show you’re thinking of your loved one on Valentine’s Day and during these crazy times could be just what they need.

So, a little chocolate surprise or a home cooked meal and a movie night could be extremely special and out of this world because it’s come from you.