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12:15 AM 4th December 2021

Parents Cheat To Beat Kids At Christmas

Almost nine in ten parents cheat when it comes to family board games, shocking new research has revealed.

The penny-pinching pros at polled parents to see how many were swindling their loved ones out of a win.

A massive 86% of parents said they regularly cheated in order to beat their children at popular board games.

Parents confessed to dodging rules for a range of reasons, with one of the most popular being to get the game finished quicker.

Only 14% of those who responded to the survey said they never cheated at family games.

In the run up to Christmas, some of the most popular games to play with friends and family include Monopoly, Scrabble and Cluedo.

“Board games can be a fun way to bring all the family together but unfortunately they can backfire and lead to some massive family arguments.

But playing board games can lead to conflict with respondents telling how some family members have been banned from playing while other families ban certain games or limit playing time.

Board game sales in last month show that Exploding Kittens, Articulate Christmas edition and Herd Mentality are among some of the most popular this season.

All-time favourites like Cluedo, Monopoly, and Scrabble are still being bought in their masses.

Their updated editions, like Cluedo’s Ghost of Mrs White, and Monopoly’s Arcade Pac-Man Game are also proving popular this year. With so many new variations, parents can use a voucher code to bag a bargain just in time for festive gatherings and game nights.

The team at also polled families on their favourite board games to play during the festive season.

Out of the 400 families surveyed across the nation, 62% picked Monopoly as their festive favourite, despite the arguments it can cause.

The much-loved money game Monopoly purely relies on chance, but since its release in 1935 it has been a household staple over the holidays.

Cluedo ranked second most popular, with 18% of the vote. Families have been playing the murder mystery for the best part of 70 years, after it was invented in Birmingham during a World War II air raid.

Scrabble was the nation’s third favourite, which isn’t a surprise seeing as a third of households in the UK have a set. However, it isn’t just English speakers that play ruthlessly, as the game comes in more than 30 languages.

Operation, Mouse Trap and Pictionary didn’t prove as popular among parents who cited fiddly parts, mess and complicated set-up as the biggest turn-offs.

Special shoutouts also went to classic Snakes and Ladders, Articulate and Uno for causing trouble and fun in the home.

Elves at said:
“Board games can be a fun way to bring all the family together but unfortunately they can backfire and lead to some massive family arguments.

“Luckily there is more variety available now than ever, and even old classics have been updating their offering for a more modern, or electronic experience. So there really should be something for everyone.

“It is great to see that some of the classics from our childhood are still popular with kids and families today.

“Whilst board games are top entertainment over Christmas, make sure you are keeping a careful eye on the banker's hand - even if it’s a trusted parent or partner.”

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