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4:00 AM 22nd January 2022

Market Analysis: ASML

ASML remains core to the miniaturisation of semiconductors says Dan Thomas, Senior Analyst at Third Bridge who comments on ASML:

"ASML remains core to the miniaturisation of semiconductors as leading customers like TSMC and Samsung continue to invest heavily in leading edge nodes. Expanding volumes in leading edge nodes is likely to drive ASML EUV volumes in a market where there is no serious competitor to the Dutch company’s technology."

Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas
"Any reshoring of semiconductor supply chains probably bodes well for overall demand for lithography tools, of which ASML would be a key beneficiary."

"While EUV adoption has been led by logic chip manufacturers, future adoption of EUV by memory customers is likely to increase demand for ASML tools.”

“Supply chain pressures could also boost demand for DUV tools as customers invest in brownfield sites. This benefits ASML as the DUV platform is more mature and enjoys higher gross margins."

Third Bridge is a global primary research firm that interviews more than 6,000 internationally recognised industry experts and business leaders a year to compile 360-degree market intelligence for institutional investors.