Lancashire Times
Weekend Edition
Graham Clark
Features Writer
6:00 PM 24th June 2021

Mark Knight - Untold Business

It is unusual for dance artists and producers to come up with a quality album of tracks. There are exceptions of course, Mark Ronson and Calvin Harris spring to mind - now Mark Knight can be added to the list.

What is normally the case is that the focus is on individual songs, here though, over 13 tracks, Knight uses disco, funk and house influences to come up with a strong album.

After the last 15 months we all need something to lift our mood. Surely there can’t be a more uplifting single than Everything’s Gonna Be Alright , featuring Beverley Knight and the London Community Gospel Choir. Of course it is a 'raise your hands in the air', type of number but what a belter it is.

Whilst the song has been heard within the dance music community it would also be appreciated by fans of Beverley Knight - if they get the opportunity to hear it. Hopefully she will perform the rousing number when she next tours.

Love Is All We’re Living For features vocalist Gia and Full Intention’s Michael Gray who delivers a soulful house number.

Things go a little deeper on You Saw Me which features Damon Trueitt, but if you want a full on pop song then 10,000 featuring Clementine Douglas harks back to the 80’s funk of Cameo.

House music legend Robert Owens appears on Pass It Up on a track that stands up against his own classic, I’ll Be Your Friend.

All 4 Love comes with a very noticeable sample of Sunday Shoutin’ from Johnny Corporate. Elsewhere some piano house comes to the fore on If It’s Love which features Laura Davie and Melody Men.

All we need now is the clubs to re-open or a decent summer, both of which would benefit from this accomplished dance album.

I rate the album 3 out of 5.