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3:00 AM 19th January 2022

MP Lays Early Day Motion Over The Removal Of The Title ‘Duke Of York’

Today, Rachael Maskell MP has progressed matters in the House of Commons, due to an overwhelming call for the ‘Duke of York’ to drop his title. Following the actions by Her Majesty, The Queen, to remove Prince Andrew’s address of ‘His Royal Highness’ and his military titles and responsibilities, he has continued his association with our city of York.

Recent polling by York Press showed that 88% of residents who responded, wanted this association to end, following the acceptance that his case will go to court in the US due to accusations of sexual assault against Ms. Virginia Giuffre, aged just 17 years old at the time. His wider associations with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, well known for the sexual exploitation of women, has also been condemned.

While it is essential that the Queen’s second son, Andrew, is recognised to be innocent until proved guilty, York as a city, is calling for its association with him to end. York, as England’s only Human Rights City and one that is working hard to address issues of sexual misconduct, violence and misogyny, wants our substantial reputation around the world to uphold our values, not be pulled down by this association. It is not just about the reputation of the city, but as the centre for tourism, York attracts over 8m people to York which support 24,000 jobs in the city and adds £765m economic benefit to York.

Charities have also responded to calls from their beneficiaries to remove their association with the title ‘Duke of York’, and yet as a city, the people of York have to appeal to Parliament and the Palace to see the title removed.

Rachael Maskell MP says:
“I have received many emails from residents of York expressing their concerns that their city has not disassociated itself from Prince Andrew. When Her Majesty, The Queen, takes such clear and strong action in removing the titles from her son, and when our city clearly say that they want this association to end, it is right to call on Government to make this happen. The 1917 Titles Deprivation Act has already set the precedence for this, albeit for the act of treason, however it should be possible to either amend this act, or introduce a further piece of legislation, in order to progress this necessary action.”

The wording of the Early Day Motion: EDML
That this house acknowledges that geographically based titles can become an affront when an individual falls into disrepute and calls on the Government to introduce a mechanism in law whereby geographically based titles can be removed in certain circumstances such as when the individual’s associations, engagements or actions infringe the rights or safety of others, or are not in keeping with the ethical, social or economic values or interests of the place.