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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
2:00 AM 9th July 2022

July With Hannah, Little Alf & Friends

It’s 10pm and I am in my kitchen thinking about the last few weeks which as I am sure like for many of you, have flown by. I’ve been keeping busy with sheep shearing, visiting the Channel Islands on a work-based trip and then the delight of welcoming three new additions to the family – Pygmy Goats. Oh, and not to forget I am working on two new books due for release soon. It’s certainly been busy.

Looking back at the last ten years with Little Alf I can’t believe how much has changed, and I’m very excited for the future. This week I signed my dream contract, something which I’ve been working on with my team for the past five years. Forgive me, I can’t announce just yet what it involves but I’ll be telling you all soon.

Last month Izzy and Ida my sheep were sheared, as you will appreciate, they look a lot different! It always surprises me just how much wool there is at the end of the process. Uncle Richard sheared them both for me. It’s something I want to do in the future and I have booked a shearing course for later this year, it’s exciting.

My future plans include breeding my own Valais Black Nose sheep as it will be nice to have my own flock. For now, I’m spending the year learning about all the ins and outs of breeding sheep, following the hands-on experience at the family farm earlier this year. The wool from Izzy and Ida has gone to some local crafters and I can’t wait to see the result of some art they are producing.

I introduced my team to three new additions last month, the alliterative Hugo, Hamish, and Harry, our wonderful three pygmy goats which have been causing trouble since they arrived, as they are just babies. I have wanted some pygmy goats for a while and Mum loves them, so sneaking them in wasn’t an issue.

A day after they arrived, Harry hopped over the fencing and out into a paddock. A call from the neighbour said he was out and having the time of his life running around the field; I had to run down and catch him in case before he decided to meet up with the ponies or sheep. The young goats are so small at the moment so I didn’t want him in with the bigger animals! Luckily since that episode I’ve had no other escapee goats

With the three goats it is really beginning to feel like a lovely Yorkshire Dales small holding but... I have a few more plans to expand the team so watch this space…