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1:00 AM 26th August 2023

Greece’s Take On Asian Cuisine Mykonos Style

Chic bohemian hotel, Kensho Ornos is inviting travellers to the island of Mykonos, to sample its five-star hospitality and award winning ‘chef with flair’, Ippokratis Anagnostelis.

Nestled along the Aegean Sea’s azure waters, the hotel claims its ‘gastronomic odyssey’, combining the essence of traditional Greek delicacies with the bold and exotic notes of Asian cuisine, is among the best on the island.

It can all be experienced at the hotel’s signature Kenshō Ornos Restaurant where Executive Chef, Ippokratis Anagnostelis, is at the helm.

Known for his distinct culinary artistry, which combines contrasting flavours to perfect the right balance between subtlety and flair, Chef Anagnostelis’ love for food is the bedrock of the hotel's gastronomic philosophy and success.

Applying contemporary culinary techniques, he invites guests to explore the rich flavours of traditional Cycladic cuisine which inspire the ideas and ingredients behind the restaurant’s world-class menu, based on local ingredients.

In true Greek fashion, the exquisite menu includes a variety of small individual plates designed for sharing called “meze” so that with each bite guests are not only treated to a sumptuous feast but are also invited to partake in the timeless tradition of sharing a meal, fostering connection, and exchanging stories – a truly only at Kenshō experience!

Set where the sun-drenched panorama of the coast meets the gentle lull of the waves, you can find out more about Kenshō Ornos here