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2:59 PM 9th June 2021

Football Transfer Fever Revealed: What The England Euros Squad Would Cost Today

Southgate’s squad would be worth £2.3 billion if bought today
The most expensive England player, Marcus Rashford, is worth £200m
Neymar tops the list for the most expensive transfer of all time
Alan Shearer’s £15M transfer in ‘96 now worth an equivalent of £28.8M

Neymar de Silva
Neymar de Silva
The hype is building, and the anticipation is borderline unbearable. Once described by Joey Barton as like ‘Christmas Eve for football fans’ the June transfer window is soon to be upon us.

Will Man City score a Kane win? Where will Bale actually go? Who’s going to be a part of the massive overhaul at the Emirates stadium?

And with the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament also on the horizon, the experts at have revealed that if Gareth Southgate’s Euros squad was bought today, the stars would be worth a mind-blowing £2.3 billion. That’s including the priciest player, Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford, estimated to have a whopping transfer value of £200M.

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale
Since the first ever recorded transfer fee of just £100 in 1893, which has an equivalent value of £11,000 today, the fees for football’s biggest stars have simply gone up and up. The 1970s saw a rapid rise, recording the first ever £1M transfer for Trevor Francis as he moved from Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest.

History went on to be made with Alan Shearer’s £15M world record transfer from Blackburn Rovers to Newcastle United in ’96, which would be worth an equivalent of £28.8M today. And in the 2009 deal that most United fans were dreading, Cristiano Ronaldo shattered records with an £80M move to Real Madrid, which would be worth an additional £30M more today at a staggering £110M.

It’s certainly a costly exercise securing a star player set to take your club to the top, and as we approach the transfer window opening on 9 June, the finance experts at can reveal the 10 most expensive football transfers ever – and what that really looks like in today’s money.

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at, said:
“Every investment is personal and it’s important that you seek out the best guidance before making any decisions.

“Regardless of whether you’re investing in a world-class football player, or you want to invest your hard-earned money to secure a future for your family, it’s essential that you are clear on all the options available to you based on your personal circumstances.

“That’s where our Investment comparison tool comes in – it allows people total clarity on what is available to them, enabling them to make the best investment decision possible.”

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