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Graham Clark
Features Writer
6:00 AM 20th June 2021

Byron, York - The Meat Is On

The pandemic has seen a lot of restaurant chains close many of their branches - Byron is no exception. Thankfully the York restaurant was not included in the list of closures.

The decision to simplify the menu and just concentrate on what they do best (burgers) will, the chain hopes, make you want to meet with Byron once more. They also offer what no one else seems to be doing at the moment - bottomless skin on-fries - in other words you can eat as many fries as you want.

Once in the restaurant you can order via the QR code and App, or they will provide laminated menus that can be easily wiped over to keep Covid safe.

The York restaurant does have an ambiance with a laid back atmosphere and very attentive staff. The design of the restaurant is certainly different - with antique book cases and drawers, along with a big old-fashioned clock hanging on the wall to the rear. At least you would never miss your train or bus!

The 6oz beef burgers come from their Yorkshire butcher and are cooked the Byron way — pink and juicy.

Blue Cheese Smokey BurgerBlue Cheese Smokey Burger
Bacon and Cheese friesBacon and Cheese fries
B-Rex burgerB-Rex burger

My Blue Cheese Smokey burger came at my request well done. A Beef patty, Smokey pancetta, blue cheese, crispy onions, smoked chilli BBQ sauce, pickles and lettuce all make a great combination. The blue cheese was very salty, maybe too salty for some. With fries included the price is £13.95.

The B-Rex burger comes with a beef patty, American cheese, bacon, onions, jalapeños, a deep fried onion ring, BBQ sauce, Mayo and pickles. The price is £13.95.

Keeping their 'eyes on the fries' you can upgrade to Sweet Potato Fries or Cheese Fries (both at an extra £1.00) or the Bacon and Cheese Fries (an extra £1.50). I actually ordered the skin on fries option but my order came through wrongly and I ended up with the Bacon and Cheese Fries.

The dessert menu has been stripped down too. You only have two choices: Lemon Tart served with whipped cream or Salted Caramel brownie bites. I tried the latter with vanilla ice cream, which complimented the brownie as it would have been too dry without something cold and sweet.

The vanilla milkshake is not as sweet as you might think and is one of the best thick milkshakes I have tasted - more than making up for the lack of coffee on the menu. “We do coffees only for staff, but we can make one for you if you wish” was the answer to my request for a coffee. I didn’t bother as the milkshake was probably the better option.

At the moment when dining-in all payments are card only. Judging by the number of Deliveroo orders being lined up, Byron have a strong takeaway following too.

Byron seem to have taken the bull by the horns repositioning themselves in a crowded (cattle) market by beefing up the menu with some of the tastiest burgers you can eat.

Byron, 11 High Ousegate, York YO1 8RZ