Lancashire Times
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Caroline Spalding
Features Correspondent
2:10 AM 29th June 2020

A Business Built Out Of Lockdown - Introducing Gin & Trot

Lockdown certainly provided many of us the opportunity to dedicate more time to our hobbies, pursue new interests, and even reflect on our future career prospects.

With many businesses facing uncertainty for the future, it is heartening to discover when a new one has been created.

Gin & Trot has been born out of a dilapidated horsebox dating from the 1980s. Its owners, Richard & Chris, in facing the consequence of furlough, used the additional time granted to realise a long-standing business aspiration.

Richard and Chris, based in Bolton Le Sands, have converted the 80s horse box into a mobile gin bar. This combines their love of gin and hosting social events, as well as doing what they can to support and contribute to local businesses and the local economy. They have completed much of the conversion themselves, engaging local expertise to assist with specific interior furnishings, signage and, of course, the gins they will stock.

With the reopening of the pubs this coming weekend, there is understandably a mixture of excited anticipation and cautious anxiety. However, Gin & Trot gives you the option to let the pub come to you: removing all concern over social distancing and whether the “pub experience” will live up to what it once was.

Richard and Chris have started stocking a range of local gins from Lancashire and Durham, where they both grew up. So far they’ve created a partnership with Three Wheel Gin Company (, Stable Yard Distillery (, Manchester Gin (, Lakes Distillery (, and the Durham Gin Distillery (

They can offer a small selection of other drinks sourced from Lancaster Brewery (

Gin & Trot will initially be available for private hire to events in and around Lancaster – birthdays, weddings, end-of-lockdown celebrations; with future plans to attend food and music festivals, and other local events. As a start-up business, Richard and Chris are still contemplating a huge range of options for their business, from tasting weekends for gin lovers, to partnership with other local businesses in any post-lockdown relaunch events.

Gin & Trot is a brand new business, still in the final stages of development – you can follow their progress and support their launch through Facebook ( and Instagram Gntltd.