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Graham Clark
Features Writer
10:59 AM 11th May 2021

Yorkshire Gets To Share The Stage At The Brit Awards Ahead Of NHS Charity Single Release

Two NHS workers who come from Yorkshire are to appear on a charity single from Rag'n'Bone Man and US superstar P!nk, featuring the Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choir. They'll be debuting the performance at the BRIT Awards with the single, Anywhere Away From Here. The single will be released straight after their performance on the awards show.

Money raised from the charity single will go to the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust and NHS Charities Together, who represent the charities of all NHS Trusts in the UK.

The choir features Soprano Zoë Davies who is from Great Smeaton, and Tenor Jacob Husband from York.

Zoe Davies is one of the northern contingent in the Choir – she hails from the small Yorkshire village of Great Smeaton (population: 187). She worked her way up to her current position of Consultant Endocrinologist (a specialist role helping people with problems with their glands or hormone levels) – and now works primarily on one of Whipps Cross Hospital’s Covid wards. But Zoe found even more than a medical career at Lewisham and Greenwich – she was a founder member of the Choir and even met her husband Tom Jackson through the Choir.

Jacob Husband is originally from York and now works at the specialist sexual health clinic at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the Trafalgar Clinic. As a Sexual and Reproductive Health Nurse, he helps people ensure that they are clear of sexually transmitted disease (and treats those who do have them) but also provides care on the reproductive side of things, be it contraception or fertility.