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2:00 AM 28th May 2022

Top Outdoor Tasks To Tackle During The Extended Break

Time to tidy the garden - image by pixabay
Time to tidy the garden - image by pixabay
People across the UK can look forward to a special four-day Bank Holiday weekend in June with Jubilee cakes, street parties, Union Jack bunting… and DIY! have come up with a guide to seven of the top jobs you can do to enhance your home and outdoor space during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee between Thursday, June 2 and Sunday, June 5.

It’s a chance to make 96 hours of leisure time count and - if you can face it - turn your attention to some of those all-consuming jobs you may have been avoiding for months.

A spokesperson for said:
“Everyone is rightly looking forward to the Queen’s Jubilee. There will be plenty to do during the forthcoming celebrations to see friends and loved ones, enjoy days out and attend street parties. There is also the opportunity to chalk off some ‘things to do’ around the home and garden.

“The extra day’s break may be particularly appealing for some of those jobs that you might not be able to complete throughout a weekend or a traditional Bank Holiday period which may need more time and resources to complete. We have developed a list of seven of the most popular outdoor DIY tasks people can consider tackling.”

Here are some of the ideas from

Driveways: These can become real eyesores if left unkempt, with weeds growing out of cracks or between paving slabs in your path or driveways. If you have a particularly large driveway, the extra time that this Bank Holiday break provides will allow you to cover a large area than might otherwise be possible.

A rocky place: You might be able to invest in some new gravel to bring a fresh look to a tired-looking patch of ground, or spruce up an existing rockery in the garden with some new stones and ornaments, without rushing against the clock.

Front door and surrounds: Four days is an appealing amount of time if you want to give a fresh lick of paint to your door and porch and perhaps even a new colour. With drying time to consider, there are plenty of scopes to be adventurous and creative to get a new look.

Varnish time: Those with a long fence or lots of outbuildings could enjoy giving a new lease of life to these things with a fresh coat of varnish or two. It’s a great time of year to be doing this with the weather not too hot or too cold, providing ideal drying conditions and ensuring your wood is protected well in advance of wintertime.

Under pressure: You could ask a relative or neighbour to borrow a pressure washer or hire one in to get rid of stubborn stains on your patio or other challenging standing areas that you may not have been able to devote time to other busy weekends.

Summer is coming: Use this extended break to sift out weeds and dead plants, giving new plants room and space to grow and flourish. This is an excellent time to press the reset button with winter a distant memory, the days getting longer, and your garden receiving more sunlight.

Child’s play: Perhaps more recreation than DIY, but is this four day break the time to construct a dedicated play den for the little ones in the garden or perhaps attend to the tired-looking play equipment or tree house which has needed some maintenance?