Lancashire Times
A Voice of the North
Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
7:00 AM 12th December 2020

Top 60 Albums 2020: 40-31

40. Eimear Quinn riu

Simply beautiful.

Highlights: Hibernia, Butterfly, The Voice

39. Janet Devlin Confessional

Heart on sleeve trad-pop.

Highlights: Confessional, Away With The Fairies, Speak

38. Marisha Wallace Tomorrow

A voice to lose yourself in.

Highlights: Angel, Before I Go, Reflection

37. Washington - Batflowers


Highlights: Switches, Silencio

36. Kid Dad In A Box

Kid Dad are anything but in a box. Complex brilliance.

Highlights: Limbo, Window, Live With It

35. Lisa Loeb A Simple Trick To Happiness

Understated and truly satisfying.

Highlights: Skeleton, Sing Out, Shine

34. New Hope Club New Hope Club

Dizzyingly driven debut.

Highlights: Permission, You and I, Medicine

33. Kiesza Crave

Gale-force dance drive.

Highlights: Crave, Love Never Dies, When Boys Cry

32. Steps What The Future Holds

Big bold bops.

Highlights: What The Future Holds, Something In Your Eyes, Heartbreak In This City

31. The Aces Under My Influence

Buoyant pop with purpose and direction.

Highlights: 801, Kelly, Zillionaire