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4:15 AM 12th June 2021

The Weekend Ultimate Euro 2020 Quiz: How Much Do YOU Know About This Summer's Tournament?

Wembley Stadium. Image used with permission
Wembley Stadium. Image used with permission
With the long-awaited tournament finally getting underway yesterday, quiz experts SpeedQuizzing have created the ultimate Euro 2020 quiz, designed to test the knowledge of even the biggest fan.

Euro 2020 is set to be the story of the summer as far as football is concerned, with England’s first match taking place against Croatia on Sunday 13th June at 2pm – but how much do YOU actually know about the teams, players, managers and grounds that are set to feature?

This 20-question quiz promises to challenge fans of the beautiful game, with 10 questions on the upcoming tournament and a further 10 on past Euro competitions.

To help fans get in the mood, SpeedQuizzing, whose online platforms are used to host thousands of virtual and venue-based quizzes each week, is also giving away football-themed question packs so fans can host their own SpeedQuizzing events during the tournament. To get hold of your own unique, free digital question pack, comprising of 61 professionally-written multi-format questions, simply email

Take the quiz below and scroll down to the bottom to find out the answers.

10 questions on the upcoming tournament

Q1. In which city will the opening fixture of Euro 2020 take place?

Q2. Joachim Low will manage the German national team for the last time at the upcoming Euros, but which manager will replace him after the tournament?

Q3. How many teams are taking part in the upcoming Euros?

Q4. The stadium in Budapest, Hungary, that is one of the host venues this summer, is named after which football legend?

Q5. Which former Manchester City boss will be in charge of Italy at the upcoming Euros?

Q6. At what stadium is the final of Euro 2020 scheduled to take place?

Q7. Which of the home nations will not feature in the upcoming Euros?

a) England

b) Scotland

c) Wales

d) Northern Ireland

e) They all will

Q8. Originally, 13 stadiums were due to host matches at Euro 2020, but this was amended due to Covid-19. Assuming no further changes, how many stadiums will now host matches?

Q9. Along with Croatia, which other team is in the same group as England and Scotland this summer?

Q10. Which team at this summer’s Euros are nicknamed The Red Devils?

10 questions on past tournaments

Q11. Which country comes to Euro 2020 as the defending European champions?

Q12. Who missed the decisive penalty in sudden death when England lost to Germany in the semi-finals of Euro 96?

Q13. In what year did the number of participants at the Euros double from 8 to 16?

Q14. After which former General Secretary of UEFA is the European Championship trophy named?

Q15. Between the inaugural 1960 competition and 1976, how many teams competed in each European Championship?

Q16. Who won the first European Championship in 1960?

Q17. Along with Germany/West Germany, which country has won a record three European Championships?

Q18. The fans and players of which country came to prominence at Euro 2016 thanks to their ‘Thunder Clap’ celebrations?

Q19. In what year did Graham Taylor infamously substitute Gary Lineker when England needed a goal to avoid being knocked out of the Euros?

Q20. What was the name of the Czech footballer who came to international prominence after winning the 1976 European Championship with a ludicrous dinked penalty in a shoot-out against West Germany?

Fans heading to Wembley Stadium. Image used with permission
Fans heading to Wembley Stadium. Image used with permission

Answers to ten questions on the upcoming tournament

Q1. Rome

Q2. Hansi Flick

Q3. 24

Q4. Ferenc Puskas (Puskas Arena)

Q5. Roberto Mancini

Q6. Wembley

Q7. D – Northern Ireland

Q8. 11

Q9. Czech Republic

Q10. Belgium

Answers to ten questions on past tournaments

Q11. Portugal

Q12. Gareth Southgate

Q13. 1996

Q14. Henri Delaunay

Q15. 4

Q16. Soviet Union

Q17. Spain

Q18. Iceland

Q19. 1992

Q20. Antonin Panenka