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Graham Clark
Features Writer
9:37 AM 11th July 2021

The Spice Girls Celebrate A Silver Anniversary

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want! The biggest selling girl band of all time, the Spice Girls, are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their debut hit single ‘Wannabe’

There had been boy bands before such as Take That, New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys, but I often wondered why no one had ever thought of a girl band. Yes, there were acts such as Bananarama and The Belle Stars but not one with 5 girls who had attitude, personality and a certain je ne sais quoi.

‘Wannabe’, originally released on 8th July 1996, catapulted the Spice Girls to global stardom. It embodied empowerment, and was the most emblematic song of the band’s People Power philosophy, one that continues to be treasured through the generations. ‘Wannabe’ has broken numerous records. It is the seventh best-selling debut single of all time, with over 1.3 million CD singles and download sales, as well as the longest-reigning Number 1 by a girl group.

The ‘Wannabe25’ EP will also be released on vinyl and cassette on 27th August. The new EP will include the original single, an in-demand remix by Junior Vasquez (originally a bonus track on the 1996 '2 Become 1' CD Single), the original demo recording, and ‘Feed Your Love', a demo of a previously unreleased ballad written by Spice Girls and 'Wannabe' co-writers Richard 'Biff' Stannard and Matt Rowe.

Feed Your Love sounds very much of its time, a slow R&B ballad it is understandable why the track never saw the light of day.