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4:00 PM 12th November 2023

The Prime Minister's Message For Diwali 2023

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sends his best wishes for Diwali.

Image by saurabh joshi from Pixabay
Image by saurabh joshi from Pixabay
Happy Diwali to all those celebrating around the world and across the UK, and a very happy Bandi Chhor Divas to our friends in the Sikh community.

With the lighting of the Diyas, let this be a moment we can look to the future with hope. My guiding light as Prime Minister is the determination to change things for the better, and as a symbol of the triumph of light over darkness, I believe Diwali is a poignant representation of the endeavour for a brighter tomorrow.

As your first British Asian Prime Minister, and a devout Hindu, I also hope this can be a celebration of the fantastic ethnic and cultural diversity which makes the UK the place it is today.