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8:10 AM 30th October 2023

The Nutrients You Need To Bounce Back After The Clocks Change

It’s that time of year when the days get shorter and getting out of bed in the morning gets harder. With the clocks changing on Sunday 29th October, many of us find our body clocks being thrown out of whack – so what can we do to help us bounce back now that the days are getting colder and shorter?

Vandana Vijay, a biochemist behind the post-social replenishment drink, Bounce Back, explains which vitamins and nutrients we should be incorporating into our diet to help us wake up feeling energised when the clocks change – especially with all the upcoming social events to bounce back from, such as Halloween and Bonfire Night.

1. Choline

With the clocks changing on a Sunday morning, many of us may have an evening of socialising planned for the Saturday night. Therefore, choline can help us to feel more replenished in the morning, by supporting our liver function and brain functions.

Choline is an essential nutrient that supports the body with transporting fat away from the liver, to support normal liver function. Alongside this, choline has also been found to support our brain function, including better memory and processing.

Bounce Back is a drink in the UK with choline in it, meaning you can enjoy a can before going to bed, and the drink will help replenish your body with the nutrient overnight.

2. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a great vitamin to combine into your diet, as it helps you to restore mental alertness or wakefulness when you’re experiencing fatigue or drowsiness. The way it works is that it helps the body to convert the food you eat into glucose - which in turn gives you energy.

An added benefit of Vitamin B12 is that it also helps us maintain a more balanced mood – so if you’re a bit tired and irritable in the mornings, this one is definitely for you!

3. Vitamin B6

Another of the B vitamins which helps with our energy levels is Vitamin B6. This plays a role in many functions in the body (over 100 enzyme reactions to be exact!), but one of its main functions is to help our body metabolise proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for energy.

Alongside this, Vitamin B6 also helps to regulate energy use in the brain, to better maintain our energy levels.

4. Glutamine

Falling asleep can be trickier once the clocks have gone back, and it feels like you’re going to bed an hour earlier than normal. This is where the amino acid Glutamine can help.

Glutamine actually works alongside Vitamin B6 to produce a sleep-inducing neurotransmitter called GABA – assisting us in drifting off at night.

If you’re looking to supplement your diet with these nutrients scientifically formulated to help you take back tomorrow, you can find them in a can of Bounce Back – the first drink in the UK to feature choline to support and replenish normal liver function. The drink also includes a host of other Vitamins, minerals and amino acids such as Inulin and Zinc.

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