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Graham Clark
Features Writer
12:24 PM 17th February 2021

The Globe In Stockton - The North’s Biggest Refurbished Theatre All Set To Open In 2021

Since opening in 1935, the Stockton Globe has played host to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Buddy Holly and The Bay City Rollers, closing as a live entertainment venue with a final performance by Status Quo in 1974.

In 2021, the venue will open its doors to showcase the £28m investment that has restored the venue to its former art deco glory.

As a premier venue in the North East, the 3,000+ capacity with flexible auditorium for standing and seated events will make this the largest live entertainment venue between Newcastle and Leeds. An exciting intimate venue and daily food and beverage offering in the adjoining building, THE LINK, provides a multitude of opportunities to host music, comedy and local community events to a capacity of 250.

The venue is set to open in June but with the pandemic and social distancing still prevalent this might not happen as Rebecca Baker, the newly appointedMarketing and Communications Manager explained:

“Our first ticketed event is still scheduled for the end of June but we are seeing how everything goes with the current situation and the roll out of vaccinations, but that is the plan that we open at the end of June. If the situation changes we will let everyone know.”

The theatre will have a huge economic impact on Stockton too with hotels, restaurants and bars benefiting from the opening.

“Lots of bars and restaurants have been closed with the pandemic but they are going to have this boost when the theatre opens - people will travel and will have a meal before the show, maybe stay over in one of the town’s hotels, especially with the big acts that we are going to attract” enthuses Rebecca.

The area has suffered many job losses not just with the pandemic but even before that employment figures in the area were depressed. The Globe will bring many job opportunities to the town as Rebecca explained

“There will be 15 full time roles which will be advertised and lots of casual jobs when the acts are on.”

The Globe is fondly remembered in the town
“Many of my relatives speak to me about the acts that they saw at The Globe and how great it was” says Rebecca

"To be involved in the project and bringing the stars back to Stockton really has excited me - I get to promote the local area and bring something back to where I come from.”

The theatre is a Grade 2 listed building and they have tried to keep some of the original features and colour schemes.

”All the work finishes in April, it looks so fresh and new, whilst keeping that heritage feel” says Rebecca.

Were there any acts that Rebecca might like to see at The Globe I asked?

“I would pick Cher, to see her in a relatively intimate venue as opposed to an arena or to go back to my childhood a reunion of McFly and Busted.”

The theatre is managed by the Ambassador Theatre Group who own venues such as the Grand Opera House in York and the Palace Theatre and Opera House in Manchester, which will help in bringing big touring musicals to the town such as the Queen themed musical We Will Rock You.

“Being managed by the Ambassador Theatre Group does provide a great opportunity to bring shows and acts to The Globe” agrees Rebecca

“They are one of the biggest providers in the country so really the opportunities are unlimited.”

Several concerts at the venue are close to selling out.

"Already it appears Paloma Faith sold out her show very quickly. I am looking forward to seeing her, I think she is a great artist” offers Rebecca.

The idea of a tour schedule including Stockton on the list might have seemed a fantasy a few years ago, but when you now see a list of venues on tour itineraries that reads Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester and Stockton, you never know - as Cher herself sings, if you “believe” then anything is possible. You might yet see Cher walking down Stockton High Street!