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Nathan Lane
Wine Correspondent
1:03 AM 7th October 2023

Supermarket Fizz

A bottle of Moet & Chandon will cost around £40 from most retailers, whilst Laurent-perrier and Veuve Clicquot hover around a similar price point. But are you paying for the brand name? Less well-known champagnes can often offer greater value.

If you are looking for a bottle of fizz to enjoy for that special night in, a newly launched Champagne De Saint-Gall has arrived at Marks & Spencer. The historic French producer is offering a traditional Premier Cru and Premier Cru Rosé, which highlight a Chardonnay-dominant style.

Champagne De Saint-Gall was founded in 1966. It’s a network of 15 agricultural cooperatives that specialises in Premier Cru and Grand Cru vineyards throughout the Champagne region. It has partnered with M&S to launch the M&S Collection Tradition Premier Cru and Premier Cru Rosé by Champagne De Saint-Gall, which is now available in stores nationwide for an RRP of £28 and £30, respectively.

The Premier Cru is an easy-drinking Champagne. It looks attractive in the glass with small, light bubbles. It offers a punch of melon and peach with balanced acidity. It’s an easy drinking option that is perfect for any occasion. It will pair well with shellfish or a rich fish like salmon or tuna.

The Premier Cru is 66% Chardonnay and 34% Pinot Noir, which provides a pleasant balance. It compares well to the perennial favourite from M&S, Delacourt.

The Delacourt Brut has a similar price point but lacks the balance of Champagne De Saint-Gall. It has a slightly more toasted flavour and more dominant flavours of apple and pear. It’s certainly an option for fans of crisper, more acidic champagnes.

The De Saint-Gall and Delacourt champagnes offer great value and are both enjoyable options for the same price point as a decent bottle of Chardonnay.

Exclusive to, and available from M&S stores nationwide

Our wine enthusiast Nathan lives in Leeds and runs PR and marketing company, Campfire PR