Lancashire Times
Weekend Edition
8:14 PM 6th April 2021

Star Count The Results Are In

photo Abigail Oliver / CPRE
photo Abigail Oliver / CPRE
Back in February, The Countryside Charity asked you to help map the nation’s view of the night sky.

An incredible 7,845 counts were submitted - the biggest year ever!

The charity were blown away by the number of people that took part despite the limitations of lockdown.

The number crunching is done and the results show a drop in severe light pollution compared to 2020 – with lockdown likely to be the explanation.

Discover what was found on the interactive map, and check out how your area compares.

Here’s what the results show:

51% of participants counted ten stars or fewer - indicating severe light pollution - compared with 61% in 2020.

5% of participants counted more than 30 stars, indicating truly dark skies. This is the highest figure since 2013.

The variation in light pollution across the country is still huge.

But it’s not just about the numbers – it was so heartening to see so many thousands of people staring up at the night sky and connecting to the beauty that can be found there.

And this was a truly nationwide count – hundreds of counts were submitted from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Looking up at a starry night sky is a magical sight and one that everyone should be able to experience, wherever they live.

Why not check out the map to find the darkest spot near you?