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3:58 AM 25th September 2021

Snacks To Fuel You Before And After The London Marathon

Photo by Miguel A. Amutio on Unsplash
Photo by Miguel A. Amutio on Unsplash
Are you taking on the 26.2 mile challenge of the London Marathon?

Ahead of the London Marathon (Sunday 3rd October) how about some protein products if you are one of the runners.

Wheyhey | High-protein, low sugar ice cream

High-in-protein, each serving boasts 7.3g – significantly more than its competition
Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy one of three tempting flavours: Coconut, Chocolate and Salted Caramel
At just 100 calories per scoop, Brits can pick up a tub nationwide at M&S, Spar and directly via

Jack Link’s | Premium Beef Jerky

With 182 grams of 100% lean rump beef used produce 100g of Jack Link’s Beef Jerky
Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is ideal for consumers looking to add protein into their every-day diet
At less than 80 calories per serving and protein-rich, this store cupboard essential is the perfect snack to help you power through the afternoon at home, as Brits head back to work, or during the marathon
Available in an array of tasty flavours including Original, Sweet & Hot and Teriyaki
Available at Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s for £1.50

Peperami | Chicken Bites

Oven baked – not fried – Peperami Chicken Bites are flavoured with tantalising species meaning Brits get nothing but mouth-watering, meaty protein packed power that tastes delicious!
Delivering that all-important protein kick for those in need of a post-workout snack or simply going al-desko mid-afternoon, meatheads can expect tender, succulent bites made with 100% chicken breast
Peperami Pep’d Up Chicken Bites have a Tikka style glaze, while Smokin’ Chicken Bites offers a delicious smokey flavour to add to the fold
At less than 54 calories per 25g pack, Peperami Chicken Bites are filled with meaty goodness to fight against rumbling stomachs and provide the ultimate protein kick – keeping you feeling fuller, for longer
£1 per packet at Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda