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1:00 AM 21st October 2023

Safety Guidance To Keep Your Little Ones Safe At Halloween

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
OutdoorToys have put together 5 key tips on how to keep your children safe this Halloween, from picking the perfect costume to ensuring a fun yet safe trick-or-treating session!

1. Makeup and mask safety!
Whether your child wants to be a witch with green makeup or a zombie with a mask, it’s important to ensure the costume is suitable for trick-or-treating. With Halloween makeup, be sure to choose non-toxic makeup and look at the ingredients if your child is allergic to anything; the best way to do this is to do a patch test days before and see if there’s a reaction. If you’re opting for a mask instead, pick one that doesn’t restrict their vision, especially if they’re going out at night when it’s already hard to see!

2. Are your costumes fire-resistant?
When choosing a costume, you should check to ensure it’s fire-resistant! This is especially important for those who will be visiting houses that use open-flame candles and candle-lit pumpkins as decorations! Try to stick to costumes made of nylon or polyester as they’re made with safety in mind, they burn much slower and are therefore easy to extinguish. You should also avoid any loose hanging material such as capes or scarves, as these can get caught and be a tripping hazard at night.

3. Be visible in the dark
One of the main causes of the 75% increase in traffic accidents on Halloween is due to not being seen, so you should take every precaution to make yourself and your children visible in the dark. Try to choose a costume that is brightly coloured, but if that’s not possible, add reflective strips to your child’s clothing so motorists can see them. And if they’re adamant about not ruining their outfit, give them a glowstick or torch to hold onto!

4. Accompany young children and have a plan for the older ones
Make sure to accompany young children whilst they’re out and about and only choose the houses with decorations to avoid facing hostility from those not participating in the spooky activities. For the older children, be certain to plan a route with them in advance and agree on a curfew so they know when to be home, and if possible, give them a phone so you can keep in touch without cramping their style.

5. Check your children’s treats
If you’re with your children as they trick-or-treat, it’s easier to manage what they consume, however, if your children are out alone, you should agree with them beforehand not to eat anything until they’re home so you can check their goodies. Get rid of anything that doesn’t look right or any sweets that are opened and, though it may sound obvious, never let them consume anything homemade if it’s from someone you don’t know!

Alex Price, Product Expert at OutdoorToys, commented:
“Halloween is an exciting holiday to celebrate with your children, but it’s important to maintain the fun whilst being safe! Whether it’s something as small as doing a patch test for makeup or having your child carry a glowstick, the little things can make a huge difference in the long run. Don’t cut corners this year - you’ll thank yourself for it!”

Information supplied by OutdoorToys