Lancashire Times
Weekend Edition
7:37 PM 10th July 2022

Rules For Cyclists Looking To Enjoy The Fine Weather

With soaring temperatures in the high 20s, Brits are set to get out on their bikes and enjoy the fantastic weather.

All cyclists are urged to brush up on road rules and stay safe on two wheels before heading out into the sunshine.

Leisure bike brand Bobbin Bikes encourage cyclists, both novice and experienced, to make themselves fully aware of what they can and can’t do on the roads.

Data revealed that pedal cyclist fatalities rose by 41%, while pedal cyclist traffic increased by 46% in 2020.

Amends to the highway code have revealed a new ‘hierarchy of road users, which places cyclists as one of the most influential groups on the road.

The guidance is the first to ever prioritise two wheels over four, with new rules meaning that motorists will have to give way to cyclists at junctions.

The new hierarchy highlights the importance of safety around cyclists, and with many Brits setting resolutions to be more active this year, cycling road safety is more important than ever.

A spokesperson from Bobbin Bikes said:
“Beautiful UK weather means Brits will be dusting off the bikes and getting out to enjoy the sunshine, whether that means commuting via bicycle, taking leisurely cycles or making it a part of their workout routine.

“However, many road rules specifically targeted towards cyclists that many people may be unaware of. We urge anyone looking to get out on their bike this spring to learn the road rules and stay safe.”

Hand signals

Using hand signals is important for cyclists to communicate their intent to motorists behind them.

Turning right - extend the right arm away from the body
Turning left - extend the left arm away from the body
Stopping - Use the same signals like the ones for turning, depending on the side you are stopping on


Cyclists should always wear a protective helmet that conforms to current regulations, is the correct size, and is securely fastened. Light coloured, fluorescent clothing is best to wear whilst cycling in winter or darker days, and reflective clothing and accessories should be worn in the dark.


All cycles must have front, and rear lights lit up at night. All bikes must also be fitted with red rear reflectors. Flashing lights are permitted. However, it is recommended that those cycling in areas with no street lights use a steady front lamp.

Cycle lanes

Dedicated cycle lanes are marked by a white line, which may be solid or broken. Cyclists must stick to cycle lanes when able to. When leaving a cycle lane, it is essential to signal the intention to motorists and other cyclists by using hand signals. Cycle lanes are not compulsory; however, they can contribute to a safer journey, used primarily by beginner cyclists.


When parking their bike, cyclists should use cycle stands or other cycle parking facilities if available. Bicycles must not be left in any place that can cause obstruction or hazard to other road users.

Cyclists must NOT

Cycle on a pavement.
Carry passengers unless their bike is designed to hold another person.
Ride dangerously or carelessly.
Ride whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol, including medicine.
Hold onto a moving vehicle.
Cross the stop line when at a red traffic light.

You can find the full road rules for cyclists on Gov. uk.