Lancashire Times
Weekend Edition
Andy Harris
Motoring and Property Editor
4:46 PM 1st November 2021

Reduce The Risk Of Becoming A Victim Of Burglary

A dark, empty house is a target for burglars, now that the dark nights are upon us, we suggest you consider the following:

Leaving a light(s) and radio on a timer to give the impression someone is home.

Outdoor lighting, either motion activated lights or again using a timer.

Laser Beam sensors across your driveway, barn doors or gateway.

Ensuring you lock your doors, even if popping out for a few minutes.

Ensure you lock any vehicles and remove keys / valuables from sight.

If your property has an alarm fitted, please use it. If not, consider getting one.

Close blinds or curtains when it is dark outside.

Report any suspicious activity to the police.

Working together we can keep the communities safer.