Lancashire Times
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4:00 AM 15th September 2021

Pro-market MPs Put Forward Big Ideas To Boost Britain

A group of Conservative MPs and academics have today outlined a series of policy proposals to turn the vision of a bolder, richer, and freer Britain into a reality by the end of the decade.

’30 ideas for 2030’ is the first publication from the Free Market Forum (FMF), an initiative co-chaired by Conservative MPs Dehenna Davison MP and Greg Smith MP, which aims to refocus the political debate, shifting attention towards free enterprise and social freedom.

The ideas – which cover a wide range of issues from housing to education, taxation to employment regulation – are written by some of the Free Market Forum’s Parliamentary supporters, and academics and experts from the Institute of Economic Affairs, which supports the FMF’s work.

Some of the 30 policy proposals include:

Fundamentally reforming the structure of the school day and calendar to better support children’s year-round learning.
Breaking down professional protectionism with the NHS to allow trained staff to conduct simple procedures, freeing up specialists’ time to help with more clinically advanced work.
Rowing back state interference with childcare, something which has driven up costs and led to widespread nursery closures.
Simplifying and expanding worker share ownership schemes to allow more workers to directly benefit from enhanced productivity and corporate growth.
Combining private sector and government support for a kickstart enterprise scheme to increase success rates for new start-ups.
Pushing ahead with local devolution that allows communities to take prudent pro-growth decisions that most benefit the local area.

Free Market Forum co-chairs Greg Smith MP & Dehenna Davison MP
Free Market Forum co-chairs Greg Smith MP & Dehenna Davison MP
Commenting on the publication, Free Market Forum co-chairs Dehenna Davison MP and Greg Smith MP said:

“After the twin hurdles of Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, is it crucial that we begin to turn our minds back once again to the everyday policies which have the biggest impact of people’s lives – taxation, education, and healthcare. Now Brexit has been achieved and we are gradually beginning to put the pandemic behind us, we hope these ideas will mark a reset in British politics.

“We need to return to the principles which have delivered growth and economic prosperity in previous decades. The ideas in this collection, and others like them, are needed to ensure the recent decision to increase taxes will be a bump in the road, not a change of direction.”