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1:05 AM 17th November 2023

Premier Modular Ramps Up Net Zero Ambitions

Offsite manufacturing and construction specialist, Premier Modular, has said it is continuing to deliver its pathway to net zero by 2035, undertaking solar panel installation that will reduce dependency on the grid and embarking on trials for an electric fleet of forklift trucks.

As part of the company’s goal to become net zero by 2035, Premier Modular has committed to generating renewable energy through the installation of solar panels. The panels are being installed on two of the factory buildings, covering an area of over 1,700m² – equal to six and a half tennis courts and will produce an expected annual yield of 1,779 kWh, with the remaining energy required for the facility exported from the grid. In line with the company’s net zero commitment, Premier has a contract with the national grid to receive 100% of its power from renewable sources only. Completion of the panel installation is expected in Q4 of this year, in preparation for 2024.

In addition to the solar panel installation, Premier Modular will be undertaking trials with three suppliers to electrify the company’s fleet of forklift trucks. The trials will test performance, durability, comfort, manoeuvrability, lifting ability and charging. If successfully introduced, the project could save a lifetime total of 275.64tCO2e, using 2022 data, however, this is likely to grow depending on levels of activity.

This commitment to net zero and ESG has also been recognised by external assessment consultant, Sustainable Advantage, which has recently rated Premier Modular as “ESG Excellent”. Compiling the rating involved a period of due diligence where the company attained a score of 70% across all categories, compared to the average score of 30-40%.

To further support these efforts, Premier recently appointed a dedicated ESG Administrator, Elise Benton, to support the senior team in delivering the ESG agenda across the business.

Annelee Roscoe, ESG and HR Director at Premier Modular, said:
“As a company we are committed to achieving net zero and delivering these benefits to our customers and local communities through our ESG agenda. It’s exciting to see the solar panels being installed which, along with the electric forklift truck trials, will enhance our efforts to reach net zero by 2035 and further reduce our emissions.

“ESG is a core pillar of the business and it is important for us not only to offer a net zero service but also operate and live as a net zero company. Our commitment is highlighted in our recent “Excellent” score received from Sustainable Advantage.

“We’ve made great steps so far, but when it comes to ESG and the road to net zero, there is always more that can be done. I can’t wait to see what we’re going achieve in future years as we get closer to 2035.”