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12:15 AM 15th January 2022

Post-Christmas Insurance Warning For Northern Homeowners

An Insurance expert is advising residents across the North to ensure 2022 is a happy new year by checking that new and expensive Christmas gifts are adequately insured.

Amanda Harman, contents insurance specialist for Lycetts, said: “The festive period is a time when most people’s social calendars are at their busiest. Consequently, insurance cover is not usually at the forefront of their minds.

“However, with many high-value presents such as jewellery, fine wines, phones and other electronic gadgets being gifted, it is important to evaluate whether these items are adequately covered by existing home contents policies.”

Amanda Harman
Amanda Harman
Research suggests that the average person spent more than £1,100 this Christmas, the largest element of this being attributed to presents and gifts.

Harman said: “Expensive new items are often left on open display and long dark nights mean visibility is reduced. These factors, along with many homes standing empty while families take post-Christmas holidays, mean the winter months are an opportune time for thieves to strike.

“Police forces across the UK say this is partly the reason why we see an increase in burglaries this time of year.

“In some cases, insurers will automatically provide cover for expensive gifts, but this will vary depending on who is providing your insurance and what type of policy you have.

“The increase typically applies for up to 90 days so it is imperative you make arrangements with your insurer that will protect newly-acquired expensive items beyond this time.”

Harman advised households to consider the single item price limits set by insurers – the highest price they will pay out for individual items.

“Should gifts or purchases, such as high-value jewellery, exceed those limits, then you should have them listed individually on your policy and insured to their full value,” she added.

“Where applicable, gadget insurance should also be considered. This covers items like laptops, digital cameras and tablets, but not mobile phones. For those who are into their tech and who may have been lucky enough to receive several gadgets this Christmas, it may prove more economical to opt for multi gadget insurance as this offers a discount.

“Advice should be sought from your contents insurance provider.”