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2:20 PM 25th June 2021

Miller Homes & Gracie-Rae Dream Duo Take Part In Clean Up Clitheroe

Litter picking in Henthorn Park
Litter picking in Henthorn Park
Local homebuilder Miller Homes has once again teamed up self-proclaimed “fairy eco warrior” Gracie-Rae Spedding, a local superstar on a mission to clean up Clitheroe. The collaboration comes as the homebuilder brings new homes to the area with its Montague Place development.

8-year-old Gracie-Rae, who attends St James Primary School, reached out to the homebuilder for support as she began litter picking around the town. Miller Homes and Gracie-Rae now enjoy a successful partnership. In April, Gracie-Rae was provided with weatherproof posters to put around the local area reminding people to take their rubbish home with them. The community homebuilder also donated a litter pick and hi vis jacket to keep Gracie-Rae safe on her eco-friendly adventures.

Now, the relationship extends to Gracie-Rae’s friends too, who were so inspired by her mission that they wanted to join as well. On Friday, the eco dream team took part in a ‘Clean up Clitheroe’ event at Henthorn Park near St James. Miller Homes has provided more copies of the weatherproof posters for Gracie-Rae and her friends to post around the town.

Following the last donation, members of the Clitheroe public were so influenced by the inspirational efforts of Gracie-Rae, that they requested posters to be put up in their streets and their local green spaces. The story has become quite the popular local tale, and is one of encouragement amongst this friendly Lancashire community.

Gracie-Rae Spedding, already so inspirational at the age of 8, said: “Thank you Miller Homes for getting more posters for me. I feel really proud seeing them around town and hope they make people want to take their rubbish home with them!”

Gracie-Rae Spedding was recently awarded a green Blue Peter badge for her services to the environment.

Miller Homes is currently building homes at Montague Place, the builder will be making contributions of over £870,000 that will go towards a variety of different areas for the residents and local community. Over £600k of the sum will go towards education, £70k to town centre upgrade works and £200k will go towards improving public transport.