Lancashire Times
Weekend Edition
3:43 PM 25th October 2021

Mark International Hug A Sheep Day With A Unique Experience

It’s that time of year once more, the clocks are set to go back, Halloween is round the corner, happily though it’s also time to mark International Hug A Sheep Day, which is celebrated each year on the last Saturday in October.

And what better way to celebrate this 30th October than booking yourself a spot on one of Yew Tree Farm’s Herdwick Experiences? After all, it's the perfect antidote to the winter blues!

Herdwick Experience sessions are held between 10.30am and 2.30pm, for up to eight people, on Wednesday and Saturday during the winter months at the Farm.

Each session lasts up to two hours and starts with an insight to the heritage of Herdwick sheep as a breed, and why they are farmed in the Lakes.

The team also takes a little time to explain the breed’s link to children’s author Beatrix Potter particularly at Yew Tree, which she once owned.

Visitors also discover the various ways in which their wool is utilised, why their lambs are born a different colour and loads of other fun and fascinating Herdwick facts.

After a quick information download it’s time to head out for a quick tour of the farm’s home fields, looking at the farm’s significance, heritage, architectural features, as well as the abundant wildlife and beautiful landscapes that surround it.

The final part of the tour involves meeting the Yew Tree Farm Ambassador Herdwick Flock in person, getting up close and indulging in a fair few hugs!

Don’t worry if the weather is a little inclement as the first part of the proceedings takes place in the farm’s barn and the final part in the field shelter when meeting the Herdwicks, so everyone should stay reasonably dry.

Unlike most of the farm’s 800+ Herdwicks, the Ambassador Flock aren’t backwards about coming forwards, especially because they love people’s company, providing those that take part in the Herdwick Experience with the perfect opportunity to relax, reflect and unwind in the presence of these enigmatic creatures.

Jo Watson, founder of the Yew Tree Farm Herdwick Experience, explains:
‘’International Hug A Sheep Day is a bit of fun and gives us the perfect excuse to celebrate sheep the world over, everything they provide us with and simple joy they bring us. It’s also a great opportunity to encourage people to take a little time out of their busy lives and delight in our graceful Herdwick Ambassadors and discover these amazingly enigmatic creatures for themselves in a stunning setting.’’