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Claire Kenny
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2:00 AM 9th July 2022

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40 plus blogger Claire Kenny on her latest running exploits, and self-care fails

Isn't it funny how when we're feeling low on energy, we do stuff that makes us feel even more knackered? I was as flat as a fart for the first half of the week, but instead of stepping up the self-care I:

Ate beige carbs and craved takeaways instead of eating fresher, more nutritious food
Drank too much coffee instead of drinking lots more water
Neglected my skin and relied on wipes instead of a proper cleansing routine

The list goes on.

Then randomly, I woke up on Wednesday morning feeling like my normal self. It seemed my mojo was back in the building. Even better, Wednesday is weigh-day and I knew before I stepped on the scales that if I'd gained a few pounds I'd probably 'give myself the rest of the week off'. Discovering that I'd stayed the same, I gratefully bounced straight back into my healthy habits and have been pretty much back on track since. Perhaps one day I’ll get to the bottom of these strange behaviours!

My tiredness in the early part of this week may have come from the fact that I did the Leeds 10k on Sunday. Not only did I do it, but I did it seven minutes faster than my last one at Pontefract!

It was only my fourth 10k and as usual I felt really emotional all morning. I often wonder if I’m the only person who feels this way, and whether it’s a bit odd. The pre-race atmosphere gets me; the thought of the charity (or charities) that will benefit gets me; and on this occasion, seeing Rob Burrow participating in his specially adapted wheelchair, ably assisted by the amazing Kevin Sinfield, got me as well.

As a Leeds lass, I absolutely loved the route, which took us as far out as Headingly, then back through a patchwork of industrial, residential and cosmopolitan areas that highlighted the diversity and variety of the Leeds I know and love. Without a doubt, the worst part was the steep hill on the last few kilometres, leading up to Lovell Park and back into the city to the finish line. Even though I was completely done in by that point, there’s nothing like realising that the sounds of the PA system and cheers of the crowds are within earshot for a much-needed morale boost, and I managed to get myself over the finish line in some shape or form. I did have to audibly talk to myself for the last stretch though as I had nothing left in the tank!

I reflected afterwards on my very first experience of the event, which was when I cheered on my cousin Kelly who ran it around seven years ago. At that time I was strictly an exercise-free zone and I marvelled at the runners as they passed the finish line. As far as I was concerned they may as well have run four consecutive marathons, and the concept of running any distance was so alien to me that I was in awe of them all. To think I now do 10ks as part of my hobby is pretty surreal.

In any case, it can’t have been that bad because I’m kicking off the weekend with the St Aidens 10k, and on Sunday my friend Janet and I are joining Recovery Runners - friends of our club Rothwell Harriers - for a 5k training session, once again in Leeds. I’ll let you know how both of these go next week!

Finally, I’ve had some wonderful news: I’ve been shortlisted for a Yorkshire Blogger Award! My blog – My 40plus Life – made it through as a finalist in the Lifestyle Category, and I don’t mind admitting that I'm absolutely ecstatic to be recognised.

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