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Lucy Brown
Features Writer
12:01 AM 11th September 2023

Laptops For All Helps The Endeavour Charity To Inspire Young People About Computers With New Gaming Club

The Laptops for All campaign is helping to inspire young people from deprived neighbourhoods to get the bug for coding and computing.

The not-for-profit initiative, led by the David and Jane Richards Family Foundation, has donated devices and data to Endeavour, a long-established charity that aims to enrich lives through education and adventure.

Endeavour is based in the Fir Vale district of Sheffield and works with young people who have fallen out of mainstream schools. The charity is setting up a gaming club for the 8-16 year-olds who use its youth clubs and alternative provision centre.

Ian Proctor, business engagement consultant at Endeavour, said: “It is not just about playing computer games. We want to encourage young people to think about what’s behind the games and look into coding. Many won’t have access to computers other than mobile phones and the idea is to open their horizons to what’s possible in the world of computing.

“It’s about confidence and inspiration. If one or two people find it is really interesting and want to go to college to study coding or computer science then we will have taken a great leap forward. That would be a really good outcome, especially if we end up with them seeking employment in the tech sector. We would like to thank Laptops for All for the donation.”

The campaign provided 16 laptops with SIM cards to support the gaming club. It is distributing devices to good causes donated by businesses and other organisations.

David and Jane Richards said:
“We are delighted to be able to support Endeavour’s valuable work with young people in Sheffield. We know that talent is everywhere but opportunity is not. That’s why it is vital in our digital economy to give young people access to the world of computers so they can develop their interests and skills which can lead onto education and employment.”

The Laptops for All campaign was launched as Laptops for Kids with The Star and Learn Sheffield in 2020 in response to the mass closure of classrooms during the pandemic. Co-founded by David and Jane Richards, the campaign sourced 15,000 new and used devices to tackle digital poverty in communities across the North of England.

To find out more about Laptops for All or donate devices, please visit

Endeavour was founded in 1955 by Dick Allcock and John Hunt, leader of the successful 1953 British expedition to Mount Everest, to shake up traditional youth work, using outdoor activity and new methods of personal challenge to motivate disadvantaged and deprived young people.