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Nathan Lane
Wine Correspondent
1:01 AM 20th January 2024

Is There Such A Thing As Healthy Wines?

Languedoc Roussillon region
Photo by Håkon Grimstad on Unsplash
Languedoc Roussillon region Photo by Håkon Grimstad on Unsplash
After last January’s disastrous foray into non-alcoholic wines, it was time to take a fresh approach to the healthiest of months.

This review starts with the concept of healthy wines. Is there such a thing? Obviously, it’s healthier to drink water, but if you fancy a tipple without tipping the scales, what are the options?

Traces Wine pitches itself as Europe’s best clean and sustainable wine. It offers red, white and rose, all with 11% ABV, 78 calories, 0 sugar and 0 carbs per 125ml serving. The wine is also vegan and has sustainable credentials.

The vineyards are situated in the Languedoc Roussillon region of southern France, specifically in the Cotes de Thongue, 30 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea, between Bezier and Montpelier. The grapes are picked 10 days before the main harvest to reduce the sugar content, and cool fermentation with cultured yeasts ensures the potential sugar content is consumed by alcoholic fermentation.

The red wine is a Cinsault, traditionally known for its smoky, fruity, spicy flavours that include hints of dried fruit, ripe strawberries, and cherries.

The Traces Cinsault is light on the nose but offers berry fruit on the tongue. It has a thin finish but is very quaffable, and for anyone looking for an easy-going wine to enjoy in front of the TV, it’s a good option. The low sugar content removes the over-sweetness that can be found in zero-alcohol wines.

We are all familiar with Sauvignon Blanc, and this example is exactly what you’d expect. It provides gooseberry and melon on the nose. Take a big sip, and you get plenty of fruit with a minerality that runs through it pleasantly. It has a slightly sweet finish. This is a solid and enjoyable Sauvignon, regardless of the low-sugar processes.

Both wines come at a reasonable price point from around £12.99 from online retailers and supermarkets.

Our wine enthusiast Nathan lives in Leeds and runs PR and marketing company Campfire PR