Lancashire Times
Weekend Edition
4:39 PM 16th July 2021

IoD: Real Confusion As To Legal Status Of The NHS COVID-19 App

With over 500,000 people being instructed to self-isolate last week by the NHS COVID-19 app, there is now real confusion as to whether getting ‘pinged’ means that you are legally obliged to stay at home or whether it is merely advice.

Dr Roger Barker, the IoD’s Policy Director, commented:

“Yet again the reopening of the economy is being impeded by poor communication and mixed messages. The latest guidance for businesses clearly states that, by law, businesses must not allow a self-isolating worker to come to work. But, at the same time, ministers are briefing the media that the app is merely advisory.

“With three days to go until the remaining restrictions are removed, businesses are still unclear as to the steps they need to take to ensure a safe and secure workplace for their staff and customers.”