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3:36 PM 11th May 2021

How To Kickstart Your Garden Into Spring And Create The Ideal Space

Sandie Clarke on Unsplash
Sandie Clarke on Unsplash
The grey days of winter are finally fading away and we’re stepping into the glorious and much-needed sunshine of spring.

Many of us will be taking a proper look at our gardens for the first time in months, and perhaps realising there’s a bit of work needed on a few areas. If you're wondering how to get started with turning a blank canvas into a thriving space for entertaining, spending time with family, planting and more, the experts at Hayter and Toro are here to help.

Post winter tidy up

A bit like people after a long winter (and an indulgent Christmas), your garden is also in need of some TLC. Rake up dead leaves and toss fallen branches, dig out any plants that didn’t survive the cold temperatures, trim your hedges and most importantly, cut your grass! Not only will your garden look neat and ready for whatever you’ve got planned, but you’ll be helping encourage new growth. Choose a mower that makes dealing with overgrown winter grass a breeze - like the 60V battery powered Hayter© Harrier© mower. For hedges that look neat enough for Hampton Court, choose the Toro© Flex-Force Cordless Hedge trimmer.

Watch out for birds!

Be careful of trimming your hedges too late in spring. Many garden birds nest in hedges and trimming at nesting time can cause disruption. Listen out for cheeping and keep an eye out to see if there are birds coming and going before you whip out the trimmers.

Wildflower power

If you’re not the most green-fingered person, you might feel a bit daunted by the idea of planting. Don’t be discouraged! A great way to get started is with wildflowers - and spring is the best time of year to plant them.

If you’ve got an empty flower bed, a spare pot or even a rather patchy bit of lawn, you can sow wildflower seeds from pre-mix packets or buy ‘seed bombs’ with ease. It’s a great activity to do with kids as it requires no special skills and you can scatter them far and wide for maximum effect. Plus, you’ll be helping out bees and butterflies - what’s not to like?

Grow your greens

Spring is the perfect time of year to get stuck into growing your own food. Planting now guarantees delicious home-grown food in just a few months. Impress friends and family by serving up potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and spring onions grown in your own back garden. It’s easy to dig a small vegetable patch and get started - why not grab some volunteers to help with the digging and reward them later down the line with fresh greens from the garden?

Breaking out the barbecue

Ah, the great British barbecue. We’re not put off by a stiff breeze or the chance of showers! Whether you go all-out with a bells and whistles model or have a more modest set up, as we’re all spending more time outdoors to stay safe, there’s never been a better time to try your hand at barbecuing. You might want to bring a blanket or umbrella though - just in case.

Come outside

If you’ve got kids, you’re probably desperate to get them out of the house and into the fresh air. Between home schooling and screen time, the better weather in spring is a perfect chance to encourage them outdoors and from under your feet. But don’t just leave them standing on the lawn. Set up a basketball hoop, a badminton net, a football goal. If they’re less sporty, why not get them mini beast hunting, den building or set up a paddling pool?

However you choose to style your garden, make sure you’re using the best tools. Whether you end up with a space worthy of the Chelsea Flower Show or a family-friendly garden that’s rough around the edges, the most important thing is making the most of the space - and enjoying it.