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10:48 AM 18th March 2021

Global Recycling Day: Over Half Of Britons Still Baffled By Basic Recycling Symbols

In honour of Global Recycling Day (March 18), there seems no greater time to raise awareness and take more responsibility for our planet and environment.

photo credit Romolo Tavani
photo credit Romolo Tavani
There is no denying the guidance surrounding what can be recycled and what can’t is somewhat confusing, especially as there are several recycling symbols to understand.

The eco-friendly experts at were inspired to test how many Brits knew from first glance what each recycling symbol meant.

To do this, SaveOnEnergy surveyed 2,300 people up and down the country.

The Results
The symbol Brits struggle to identify the most was the Aluminium symbol with 88% not recognising.
The region that struggled the most to identify the Aluminium symbol was participants from the West Midlands.
The recycling symbol Brits are most familiar with is the Mobius Loop, with only 22% not identifying.
The region that understood the Mobius Loop the most was participants from the East of England.

SaveOnEnergy’s eco-friendly expert, Linda Dodge, adds:
“It’s really fantastic how far we have come to help save the animals and our environment by minimalising the amount of plastic we use and waste. Although there is still a long way to go, symbols are put on items so consumers know what to do with them.

However, it seems they may be adding to the confusion - with this study showing more than half of Brits don’t know what most of the signs stand for. It would suggest we need to teach these symbols more widely in schools and workplaces for us all to live in a better and sustainable planet.”

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