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12:30 AM 11th December 2021

Foods To Avoid Giving Your Pets This Christmas

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash
From crispy roast potatoes to juicy roast turkey, there are many delicious foods to indulge in over the Christmas period. Although it may be tempting to share with your favourite fury companions and hard to resist those puppy dog eyes, a lot of foods can be harmful for our pets.

Many of us are unaware of which foods can cause harm to our pets and every December, pet owners take to the internet to see which food to avoid.

Last year, the search term ‘can my dog eat sprouts?’, was Googled 4,300 times, ‘turkey’ 1,700, and ‘potatoes’ a staggering 9000.

That’s why Purr & Mutt is here to help with a list of foods to avoid sharing with your pets over the holidays.


Without a doubt chocolate is loved by many of us and is hard to resist, especially over Christmas. Whether it be chocolate from your advent calendar or chocolate coins left over from Santa, every household has a huge supply at this time of year. Even though it’s loved by many of us, it can be extremely harmful for our pets. Make sure to keep your sweet treats in a safe place.

Onion & Garlic

Onion and Garlic can be very toxic for our pets, especially if consumed in a large amount. Stuffing may be a tasty extra for your Christmas Dinner but could be very harmful for your fury friends should they get a hold of it. This also means avoiding giving pets gravy, should it contain onions.


Mince Pies are a must-have in every household this time of year, as they are packed full of raisins, make sure to be extra careful so that they don’t land in the wrong hands (or should we say paws!). Grapes are also one to look out for, if consumed by our pets they can be harmful so make sure not to let one slip off your extravagant cheeseboard.


With spirits high and celebrations taking place, many choose to indulge in alcohol during the festivities. Whether it be a lovely warm cup of Mulled Wine, a Baileys Hot Chocolate or a glass of Bucks Fizz make sure to keep out of the way of pets. That includes the classic Christmas Pudding too!

Fat Trimmings and Bones

It can be very tempting to give into our little companions when they’re staring across the room, with their tongues hanging out. Although the saying is ‘give a dog a bone,’ it is important not to as they are a huge choking hazard.

Milk/Dairy products

Save the milk for Santa. Dogs and cats especially can suffer from digestion issues if they consume too much milk. Although it may be harmless in small amounts, we would recommend avoiding all together. The same applies with cheese from cheeseboards.


Lastly, we have caffeine. It may be the savior that gets a lot of us through the week, but it can be a bit too much for the tiny bellies of our pets, resulting in tremors or seizures.

There we have it! Avoid these foods to keep your fury friends safe this Christmas!