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Graham Clark
Features Writer
10:54 AM 15th April 2021

Food And Music Is On The Menu At CrEATe As Part Of Leeds Food Festival

As part of the Leeds Food Festival in May a new event is planned called CrEATe, which will be held at Temple Arches in Leeds where Chow Down is held.

Inspired by a career in hospitality, music and design, three years ago Rob Hallas somehow fell into his biggest passion of cooking.

His main influences have always been weird and wonderful creatives such as Salvador Dali and Heston Blumenthal. He intends this new venture to be a small insight into his experiences over the years and bring all of his passions to life for five hours of creative wonderfulness.

Then arrived Bastards Bistro, which came about after gaining experience working everywhere from nightclubs to festivals to street food to fine dining restaurants and was a result of Rob wanted to collate all his skills and experiences and create a brand that could cover all bases and be accessible to everybody.

Fast forward to May 2021, Rob and long time friend Rob Chadwck have come together to combine the music with food and offer a 360 take on their experience including visuals to embody and crEATe an all encompassing atmosphere.

The ethos for the brand is “Food Cooked with Booze, Served with Booze – Eat like a pig, Drink like a Bxxxxrd.” The original idea for the pop up event was to serve a dish paired with a drink using the same alcoholic ingredient.

For example, one of the courses would be Oyster with Tequila Butter served with a Margarita. The menu and concept are designed to be fun and a bit of an alternative to fine dining. Think “fancy food” to be accessible to somebody that would normally just go out and be happy having steak and chips.

They will also be combining a playlist for each event, normally consisting of music you would not expect to hear when eating at a “fine dining” experience. Music will be provided by local label Catch Recordings.

I would expect the music to be from the electronic side of dance that will provide an ambient soundtrack to the evening.

As Shakespeare wrote, if music be the food of love then play on....
Interactive dining.
Immersive experience.
Attacking all senses.
A celebration of creation.
26th May 2021.
5pm - 10pm.
£50 per person.
£20 extra for drinks flight.
4 course taster menu.
Bookings of upto groups of 6.

Tickets available via Fatsoma -