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Phil Hopkins
Arts & Travel Editor
4:00 AM 14th August 2021

Flight-Free Travel Company Partners With Go North Wales

hatham-wGr_UpPAlII-unsplash (1)
hatham-wGr_UpPAlII-unsplash (1)
Getting to the UK’s top outdoor adventure spots used to mean cars, motorway queues and lots of carbon emissions, but slow travel company Byway is fixing that by partnering with Go North Wales to make public transport easier to navigate.

North Wales rivals New Zealand and South America for outdoor activities, so while travel advisory changes daily, it may be the perfect time to discover what one of the more remote parts of the year has to offer.

And, thanks to new slow travel itinerary tech now available from Byway, you can do it all by public transport.
Launched last year, Byway offers hyper-personalised holidays that take travellers away from the crowds by train, bus and boat, with means of travel ‘built’ in a matter of seconds, courtesy of hi-tech support.

It is the world’s first platform for flight-free holidays and aims to mainstream the emerging trend of slow travel by making it easy to visit lesser-known locations without use of a car.

Cat Jones, founder and CEO of Byway, said: “Slow travel is not just about avoiding flying, it’s about the joyful experience of travelling through, rather than flying over, connecting with a region and supporting local businesses on the way. By working with Destination Marketing Organisations (DMO) like Go North Wales, we are able to build a sustainable leisure travel network, making it easier for holidaymakers to explore the vibrant travel ecosystem away from tourism hotspots. This is just one of many future partnerships with DMOs we are planning as we expand our tech into new regions, continuously and ethically.”
Jim Jones, CEO, Go North Wales, added: “We have a vibrant jump-on, jump-off bus network that gives travellers access to some of the most remote parts of North Wales, but this can be daunting for people unfamiliar with the area. Byway’s tech makes it easy for anyone to enjoy our beautiful region without adding cars to the roads.

“Tourists tend to fly into major UK hubs like London or Edinburgh, so we miss out on a lot of that tourism industry but, by dispersing tourism income to more rural areas this way, we really help local economies.”

Byway holiday packages start from £198 per person for three nights based on two people sharing, including travel and accommodation. More details: