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5:00 AM 2nd October 2021

Film Review: No Time To Die

We asked father and daughter duo Paul and Emma Samuelson to review No Time To Die. Read what they thought - although spoiler alert!

Paul says: No Time To Die? It's standard Bond in so much as the world needs saving from a dastardly plot, the body count rises throughout and of course there are gadgets, fast cars, beautiful women and dodgy one liners. All of which doesn't sound very surprising or inspiring except it turns out it's both.

There is a dastardly plot, but unlike any previous film this has a very homegrown and plausible origin. I wouldn't be surprised if the real life spooks are scratching their heads and wondering how they can do better. The body count is typical Bond in numbers but there are some very surprising names on it, true these are more of those he couldn't save rather than those he dispatched himself but surprising none the less. But the biggest surprise is Mathilde who turns out to be the greatest love of his life but one he can't be with.

Emma & Paul
Emma & Paul
And it's inspiring because it reflects how far society has come since Fleming wrote the original books and Connery, Lazenby and Moore were cast. It turns out men can be sensitive and women can be good at more than just looking pretty. It might only be an action flick but it's doing its best to reflect times we live in.

I liked it. A Bond movie for sure but quite unlike any other.

Emma says: No Time To Die was a James Bond film filled with its iconic action and emotional rollercoaster with a plausible and imaginative plot that kept me on the edge of my seat!

The introduction of new characters made this an exciting addition to the franchise, ensuring it felt like the last Bond portrayal of Daniel Craig's career as times have definitely changed and moved on. I've loved the change in storyline in these recent films and here Bond finally gets the girl which made the ending all that more emotional; 007 choosing to die as the thought of not seeing the ones he most loves would make the world a worse place to live.

Overall, the movie kept me on the edge of my seat with the addition of the new villain who played his role perfectly, making us marvel at how much respect and power he commands which left me thinking what will happen next?

For me, I feel the movie could have had a more emotional ending with Malory reflecting on the part he caused in the tragedy, whether the world found out what M ordered the British Navy to do and, if they did find out, how British explained it away!

An enjoyable watch with an emotional storyline and an ending fitting for such a storyline!

Paul and Emma's Verdict
4 Stars