Lancashire Times
Weekend Edition
5:39 PM 18th January 2021

Exponential Growth For New Commercial Consulting Agency

Guy Littlejohn
Guy Littlejohn
Facets Commercial Consulting launched in April 2020, defies lockdown difficulties and goes from strength to strength, with £22,513 turnover in December 2020

Commercial sales director, Guy Littlejohn who decided to launch his new firm Facets Commercial Consulting amid a global pandemic has reported exponential growth following 8 months of trading.

Whilst the lockdown has proved challenging for many businesses, Facets has grown to a team of five experienced consultants and ended 2020 with 11 retained clients and a monthly turnover of £22,513 (December 2020).

All of this was achieved with zero external investment.

As 2021 is underway, Facets is working towards a 2021 forecast of £350,000 + commission (approximately £75,000) with profits expected at 50%.

In order to reach this goal, the company has begun a large-scale recruitment process for more experienced consultants.

Guy Littlejohn, Founder of Facets Commercial Consulting said: “There are a couple of interesting issues, one from my perspective as a sales consultant, the other from our clients’ perspective. First, sales or commercial people generally have a bad reputation, they’re often seen as arrogant, robotic, use a lot of unnecessary spiel and over complicate everything. We’re doing our best to try and change this perception.

“Second, our clients openly admit that sales are a bottleneck to growth, some even admit that managing their own salespeople can bring a number of challenges, from motivation to time and resources needed to train them. Our goals as ‘part-time’ consultants are to take all those hassles away, hit the ground running and bring in the results as and when support is needed.

“Our biggest challenge to do this is ensuring we have the right consultants on board and I’m now really pleased with the dynamic and hardworking team we have put together.

“As the year develops, we will be adding to the team, but not without ensuring we’re bringing in the right people for our clients. Our clients, both existing and future clients will always come first, and we push to get them the best results, that won’t change. Keeping it simple is the key and I truly believe the sky's the limit for Facets!”