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2:00 AM 6th August 2022

Expert Reveals Six Essential Tips On Road Safety

Photo credit: Panumas Yanuthai/
Photo credit: Panumas Yanuthai/
This August marks National Road Victim Month. With an estimate of over 127,967 reported casualties in the UK relating to road traffic accidents in 2021* alone, and over 25 thousand of those reported causing serious injuries; raising road safety awareness is crucial.

Interested in pedestrian and road user safety, has investigated this issue to provide tips on how to keep safe on the road.

Six road safety tips for road users:

1. Practise safe habits

Always ensure distractions are kept to a minimum and that you remain focused. Ensure seat belts are fastened, answer calls or set up navigation systems before setting off on your journey, and drive only if you are fit to do so. Abiding by these fundamentals are especially important to guarantee safety.

2. Pay special attention to cyclists and pedestrians

Accidents are more dangerous for these vulnerable road users, so take extra care around them and keep a safe distance as they can be more difficult to spot or predict. Slow down, stay alert and be careful.

3. If you can’t ensure it’s safe, don’t do it

There’s always a safety risk with driving. If you’re not confident that your next manoeuvre will be safe, wait until you know it is as your decision as a driver can have serious consequences.

4. Be patient with other road users

If you have only started driving or you are still getting used to following the new road measures – remember everyone learns at different rates. Stay calm, patient and keep aware of potential hazards whilst driving - so you can react when necessary.

5. Tired? Take a break

Fatigue increases the risk of collisions. Whether you are only driving on short journeys or on a long road trip, it is imperative that you stop in a safe place and rest when you feel tired and drowsy.

6. Refresh your memory on road rules

Whether you are an experienced or new driver, rules of the road can be hard to follow. However, being aware of all driving regulations should be a priority for every road user.

Ensure you are looking out for any new updates on road measures and keep a copy of the updated highway code in your car. Whilst you may not be able to refer to it in real time, it can allow you to refresh your memory whenever it’s safe to do so. Taking a refresher driving course or lessons is another way to help renew your memory and improve your driving skills.

*According to GOV.UK’s national statistics on reported road casualties estimates in Great Britain for the year 2021.