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9:00 PM 30th October 2023

Easy Recipes Your Children Can Cook Themselves This Half Term

With October Half Term here, families across the country are looking for activities to keep their children entertained during the break.

Studies have revealed that 1 in 12 young individuals lack the ability to prepare a meal independently, and this deficiency can have long-term consequences on their culinary skills as adults.

With searches for ‘half term activities near me’ and ‘free half term activities’ increasing by 60% in the past week and half term scheduled from 30th October to 3rd November, why not use this opportunity to get the kids in the kitchen?

According to a YouGov survey, almost half (46%) of Brits say they never or rarely cook a meal from scratch, with 49% of them saying they frequently use jarred sauces or frozen foods.

More shockingly, the research found that one in twelve younger Brits can’t cook a single meal unaided.

Senior Recipe Development Manager, Mimi Morley, from HelloFresh comments:
“Cooking is one of life’s most valuable lessons but there’s still a gradual decline in the percentage of people who can cook.”

“Teaching kids to cook not only sets them up with a crucial life skill but gives them the ability to make health conscious decisions that can positively affect physical and mental wellbeing when they become adults.

“A recent study we conducted on new university students found that the top three foods teenagers know how to cook are a sandwich (66%); toast (63%); a jacket potato (43%). But I believe we can do better than this and set our kids up with foundational cooking skills earlier on.

“It can be daunting picking up new skills without much help from others, learning earlier significantly increases the chances of those becoming competent in the kitchen.”

To inspire your kids to explore their culinary creativity, HelloFresh shares five incredibly simple recipes to kickstart their journey.

Easy Spaghetti

The kids will love getting involved in making these super tasty meatballs and spaghetti with peas and cheese. Let them mix the ingredients together in a bowl and roll out the mince with their hands to create the meatballs. Once cooked and the dish is ready to serve, get your children to sprinkle with cheese so it’s extra delicious.

Homemade Curries

Big and little kids alike will love a nice tasty chicken korma with rice - it’s a delicious addition to weeknight dinners. Or if your kids are feeling a little more adventurous, why not try making this mild take on massaman curry. It’s crunchy and zingy and is sure to be a real crowd pleaser.

Healthy Chicken and Chips

Crispy breaded chicken and sesame wedges is bursting full of flavours and makes the perfect dinner night option that the kids will want again and again. This version of an easy oven tea can be made even healthier when you make it from scratch as a family.

Tasty Baking Treats

Fancy something a little sweeter? Try making easy peasy choc chip cookies that the whole family can share and enjoy. Get your children mixing and portioning out, this recipe is so easy all you have to do is observe!

For more kid-friendly recipes and inspiration, visit the HelloFresh website.