Lancashire Times
Voice of the North
Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
7:00 AM 29th May 2020

Dutty Moonshine Big Band - City Of Sin

Dutty Moonshine Big Band are not newcomers to the circuit, but the explosive fusionists have finally been signed to a record label. What often happens when a band signs to a large record label is that the key ingredients that made them so striking as an independent act get watered down to cater to a mainstream audience. With that in mind, have Dutty Moonshine Big Band had to succumb to label expectations for their major label debut, City of Sin?

Thankfully not. Interestingly City of Sin starts big and bold, with a more forceful sound than their audiences might be used to, then showcases more of the sounds that grabbed them a record deal in the first place.

However, that is not a criticism of the opening three songs. In fact, the glitchy Click Clack Boom is one of the album's highlights. It is joined by the irrepressible bounce of Outlaws, the soulful explosion of Fever and truly unpredictable It's Alright.

While many acts have watered down their sound for a major label, City of Sin shows that Dutty Moonshine Big Band have stayed true to the eclectic soundscape and killer beats that made them a huge talking point in the first place.