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2:00 AM 30th July 2022

Drinking Alcohol Doesn’t Have To Affect Your Goals

Fitness fanatics are being offered expert advice on how to remain committed to their workout regime this summer whilst drinking socially.

With the release of a new hangover pill in the UK – claiming to be the first of its kind to break down alcohol in the body – there are slowly becoming more and more ways to stay fit and healthy whilst consuming alcohol, but these remedies can be quite an expense.

The fitness people at have given their top tips for maintaining fitness goals whilst drinking alcohol by making smart, simple changes.

Every fitness journey, whether it’s increased muscle mass, fat loss or a sustained healthy lifestyle, requires a level of dedication and perseverance.

That’s why it can be difficult to see alcohol consumption as part of a fitness regime due to its side effects, however, drinking socially is certainly achievable without sabotaging personal health goals.

With a bit of forward planning and a few simple hacks, having a good time and staying in shape can go together hand in hand.

A spokesperson for said:
“For those looking to enjoy a drink in the hot weather with friends whilst maintaining the body they desire, it can feel like an impossible task.

“However this is not the case, with a few smarter choices we can limit the effects of hangovers, control calories and plan workouts that fit around social events.

“Of course, there are some types of alcohol that have a higher caloric value than others. But it doesn’t have to be a chore to make drinking fit in with a healthy lifestyle. Staying on track with fitness goals does have its importance, but enjoying time with friends and family shouldn’t have to be sacrificed because of this.”’s top tips for balancing fitness with drinking

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Staying hydrated throughout the night is just as important as staying hydrated during a workout. Keeping water intake up whilst drinking can help to prevent any negative side effects the next day. Try drinking a glass of water for every alcoholic drink, if this isn’t possible ensure to drink plenty of water before heading off to bed.

Take a day off
It can be tempting to get straight back into the gym the day after a few drinks but this isn't always the best idea. It’s more than okay to have a day off and relax, trying to smash a workout whilst not feeling a hundred percent can actually do more harm than good.

Fill up on macros
Unfortunately, alcoholic drinks aren’t known for the vitamins and minerals they provide, they actually deplete the body's supply. In the hours pre and post drinking, try to eat fruits and veg that are rich in macronutrients. Smoothies, nuts and bananas are just a few examples of quick foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals to fit in before or after a night out.

Choose wisely
It may feel as though alcoholic beverages have no calories in them but many drinks can be very deceiving. Be wary of cocktails and mixed drinks as they will contain a higher number of calories than beer and wines.

Light over dark
When choosing a tipple, try picking light spirits like gin or vodka over whiskey and spiced rum. This is because darker spirits contain toxic compounds that can contribute to a nastier hangover.

Set a limit
It can be easy to overindulge when out socialising with friends. However, for those who may find it difficult to get back on track after a heavy night out, setting a limit can help provide clarity moving forward in the gym. Setting higher limits should not induce guilt, but should be used to inform healthy amendments to that week's training routine.

Steer clear of sugar
Where possible try and swap sugary mixers and cocktails for diet or sugar-free alternatives. For example, try swapping a gin and tonic for a gin and soda water, the taste might not be quite the same but it can make sticking to a calorie goal much easier.

Post-drink snack
Kebabs, burgers and pizzas are often the most popular post drinking snack but the calories can start to add up after a few drinks. Preparing food at home after a night out can be a great way to not overspend on calories at the end of the night.