Lancashire Times
Weekend Edition
Luce Smith
Features Writer
2:51 PM 13th February 2021

Don’t Let Lockdown Stop You

Don’t Let Lockdown Stop You.

And by that, I do not mean you need to start learning a new language just because you feel you ought to. Or to have to de-clutter your house and clean your cupboards. I have heard so many people say, and more so in these last few weeks, ‘it’s like life is on hold’ ‘once lockdown is over......’ and ‘when we can we will xyz....’

It’s like when you call a service and end up on the phone listening to the awful music or sales pitches, go from sales to customer service, back to sales then get cut off as the call is transferred. Soul destroying!

Now I’m not suggesting that the life we are experiencing isn’t limiting, as it is. But life is still with us and it really bothers me when I hear the words people say life’s on hold as we have life! We have a choice of how we live. But are we exercising it? Times are hard and there are so many things we can’t do, but instead of complaining about what we can’t do, why not challenge yourself on why you aren’t doing all you actually can do?

For me, I have books I want to read, yet I find myself filling my time doing other things, like watching something on YouTube and wasting time. This is time I have to read and relax, and I’m having to make an effort to plan to make this time for myself, which must sound daft! Going online to any social media platform is a downhill spiral and I’m guilty of losing time doing this. But being aware of the negativity I have reduced my time a lot of doing this. I’ve not got the apps on my phone so if I want to check what everyone’s having for breakfast, I’ll log in and see. Why do we do this? I recently did the four tendency quiz by Gretchen Rubin (​​) and wasn’t surprised to get the result I did. I’m an Obliger. I make sure those around me have all they need. But the most important aspect of this, is what those around me need from me. That’s for me to be happy being me. I don’t do being on hold. I won’t let life pass me by, it’s not in me! Ok so having a near death experience might have helped me get to this, but even before then I was always a do-er. But I also need to practice slowing down and being content. Which is what I’ve been learning through the whole of lockdown.

Life is not on hold, and I want to confirm this and share it with everyone! Have you got goals you want to reach later this month/year and can do some research to get the tools and support you need to get there?

Do you normally fly around and never have time for you? Well this is it! Don’t be the one who week in week out says ‘I wish I’d.....’ I’d love to ...... just get on and make steps to whatever it is. Or no steps if that’s your challenge!

So next time you are on the phone and put on hold, forced to listen to a terrible version of a 90’s song, then cut off mid transfer, dial the number and try again. Don’t be a barrier, be bold and persevere. Go on, which tendency are you and are you ok with it? Lockdown is not shutdown, this is your life!