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12:00 AM 11th November 2023

Do We Want These Flavoured Crisps Back?
During quiet periods of the day, some people may find themselves daydreaming of a new car, a house, or even a special somebody. However, for the team at Betway, our thoughts are never far from truly nostalgic discontinued British food - from the Cadbury Dream bar to Calippo Shots, to Mars Planets.

And nothing stings quite as much as the memory of discontinued crisp flavours. With this in mind, the company have gathered a list of the most iconic British crisp flavours ever to grace supermarket shelves, in order to allow all of us to reminisce and, with time, even move on.

1. Worcester Sauce

One very recent (and we hope we aren’t bringing it up too soon) loss is that of the Worcester sauce Walkers flavour. Brimming with sharp, tangy notes and a mouth-watering scent, it is no surprise that the recent withdrawal of the flavour has caused mass upset throughout the UK.

A recent X/Twitter interaction between a Worcester sauce crisps fan, and a Walkers customer service representative, revealed to the world that the flavour had been ‘removed from the range’.

2. Beef and Onion

Nothing seems to scream ‘United Kingdom’ more than food containing both beef and onions - but the Walkers crisps containing this flavourful duo have now been snatched away from us.

Rich and comforting, it is easy to see why this flavour was so popular in its heyday, and the classic snack was even returned to the shelves in 2015 after garnering the most votes in a popularity contest - 480,000, to be exact. Sadly, this was only a temporary change, and the crisps are, once again, gone for good.

3. Toasted Cheese

It has to be said that there are few things more comforting than toasted cheese sandwiches. They’re gooey, indulgent and perfect for chilly winter nights - so can you imagine how great it would be to have this culinary masterpiece in crisp form?

Well, this dream used to be a reality. Launched in the 1980s, Toasted Cheese flavoured crisps were a smash hit - perfect for packed lunches and crisp sandwiches. However, they have since been pulled from the shelves.

4. Cajun Squirrel

While the name of this crisp flavour may be cause for alarm, fear not: no squirrels were actually harmed in the making of this snack. Thought up as part of a 2009 ‘Do Us A Flavour’ competition, the unusual concoction was actually made to be fully vegetarian, featuring subtly spicy notes that left an intriguing aftertaste.

The creator, from Hednesford, stated that he wanted to come up with something ‘totally different’, and it is safe to say that he achieved that. Sadly, these crisps are a lot harder to get hold of than other flavours, so you may just have to use your imagination!

5. Chilli and Chocolate

Another contender in the 2009 ‘Do Us a Flavour’ competition for Walkers was that of Chilli and Chocolate. Bursting with sweet and spicy undertones, this flavour was ideal for Brits with a sweet tooth - despite the fact that many people stated that the crisps tasted far more like chilli than chocolate.

While sweet-flavoured crisps have long been a controversial topic in the UK, the experimental snack was actually a hit when it was released - unlike the White Chocolate Peppermint flavoured Pringles that were released in 2012. Reviews at the time described the strange flavour as tasting like ‘Pringles with a hint of toothpaste.’

Information supplied by Betway